Review: The Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl by Kate McKinley

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review:  The Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl by Kate McKinleyThe Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl by Kate McKinley
Published by Self-Published on July 18th 2016
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 197
Format: eARC
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A Lady's Rules of Etiquette When Kidnapping a Gentleman:
1. A lady must obtain a small vial of laudanum and a sturdy length of rope.2. Once subdued, the gentleman should be bound securely.3. At no point should the lady leave a sharp implement within the gentleman’s reach.4. Should rule #3 be neglected, the lady must prepare for things to go dreadfully wrong.5. In such a case, a lady must keep her countenance and under no circumstances should she submit to his charms and surrender her heart…
Miss Gwendolyn Wilbraham is far more skilled at needlework than she is at kidnapping. But when her best friend begs her to distract the new Earl of Hastings, she reluctantly agrees. Regrettably, the earl is just as clever as he is handsome and before long, he is free of his restraints and not at all pleased…
As one of London’s most notorious rogues, Matthias Hart often finds himself in curious situations. Though he has never woken up drugged, bound, and hidden away in a remote Scottish cottage. Normally, he would welcome such a diversion, but his beautiful captor is young, witty and all-too-innocent. When he finally frees himself, all he wants is revenge and her complete surrender…

The Care and Feeding of Y C Ereview


The Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl

(What Happens In Scotland #3)

By Kate McKinley


Tied to the spot holds you down for love.

The Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl was a quick, humorous and sexy read. It starts off with our heroine Gwendolyn Wilbraham in a very compromising situation. As the story unfolds we learn that Gwen had been on a mission to stop her best friend from marrying at Gretna Green. She arrived just in time with her maid Emily and Matthias Hart…who now appears to have his hand gripping her bosom very tightly. Up to this point, her memory is a little sketchy as after they saved the day, they all headed to the taproom and ordered drinks. As the memory’s start to trickle back in, Gwen wakes Matthias hoping he remembers a little more than she does. He doesn’t but he realises the mess he could be in if he doesn’t get his butt out of bed and away from a very compromising situation.

When Gwen ventures out of her room, she goes searching for her best friend Evelyn who has found herself in another situation…involving marrying the blacksmith. With all the madcap frivolity happening Matthias is worried his life may be in jeopardy. See, Matthias is Evelyn’s big brother, Lucas’s best friend and he knows once Lucas finds out that he didn’t stop this craziness he will kill him. The best course of action is to pack Gwen, Evelyn and Evelyn’s maid up and head back to London…but the girls have other plans.

What follows is a plan hatched by Gwen to distract Matthias while Evelyn works through her problems. Her brilliant plan is to drug and tie up Matthias and haul him far, far away. Well, the plan sort of worked until he woke up spitting mad and managed to untie himself.

Turns out that Gwen and Matthias have been avoiding each other for years because they have deeper feelings for each other. Matthias has been distracting himself with actresses and widow’s while Gwen keeps to the sidelines and stays out of his way. With them stuck together they can no longer deny that the feelings they have for each other are too strong.

I enjoyed reading The Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl but I have to admit that it definitely had a modern feel to it. Matthias could have been a bloke walking down the street today. There was no stuffiness and he didn’t come across very gentlemanly. While Gwen has sexual feelings which an innocent maiden generally has no knowledge of. Now, saying that I’m just going by what I have read and experienced in previous historical romances. Maybe we’ve got it all wrong and those innocent little ladies were actually a bunch of hussies in disguise. 😉

If I was to find fault with the storyline, it would probably be that Gwen’s trust issues with Matthias, while well founded, seemed a little OTT to cause a separation of months. Yes, I understood her hesitations, but months away from the man she loves, who sends her notes daily to see how she is, seemed a bit harsh.

The Care and Feeding of Your Captive Earl was a short and entertaining historical romance with a few laughs, some very steamy scenes and a little angst to keep my attention from start to finish.

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