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Review: ♥ Managed ♥ by Kristen Callihan

Review:  ♥ Managed ♥ by Kristen Callihan

  Managed (VIP #2) By Kristen Callihan   …I think I started Managed with rose coloured glasses on. ***4.5 Stars*** After reading Managed, I’m trying to imagine how I would react if David Gandy sat beside me on a flight to London. OH MY LORDY!! Besides major heart failure (and possibly some drooling), I can honestly say that I would probably pretend to be asleep through the whole flight. See, even though I think Mr […]

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Random Ramblings: Sassy admits – I’m ..

Posted October 7, 2016 by StaceyisSassy in Book Talk / 18 Comments
Random Ramblings:  Sassy admits – I’m a FRAUD!!

  Guess What?  I lied… Blogging, reading and reviewing do not make me happy…  at the moment.   I think it’s been coming for awhile but this week has pushed me over the edge.  I’m not a very tolerant person at the best of times but when I start my day dreading turning on my kindle, it’s time to change things up.      My first step to finding my happy place – I’m going to […]

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Review: ♥ Blaze ♥ by Suzanne Wright

Posted September 2, 2016 by StaceyisSassy in Paranormal Romance, Reviews / 0 Comments
Review:  ♥ Blaze ♥ by Suzanne Wright

  Blaze (Dark in You #2) By Suzanne Wright   I enjoyed the Burn and got caught in the Blaze I have been DYING for the next instalment of the Dark In You series. Stalking and waiting, then stalking a little more and FINALLY, the word came out that Blaze had a release date. See, I read and loved Burn…I mean really, REALLY LOVEDBurn. So, knowing that it was going to be a series I had […]

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Random Ramblings: What’s Going On???

Posted March 24, 2016 by StaceyisSassy in Fashion, Random Ramblings / 8 Comments
Random Ramblings:  What’s Going On???

  Random Ramblings…   Last day of school for my boys today…YIPPEEE!!  I’m looking forward to a bit of chilling.  No schedules, deadlines or homework to get done for TWO WEEKS!!!   We’re going camping again next week and I’m actually looking forward to it.  Not too far back I was petrified of camping.  Now I see it as a break from the real world.  No internet, computers or TV’s which means I turn my blogging […]

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Review: ♥ Best Kase Scenario ♥ by Layla Frost

Posted February 15, 2016 by StaceyisSassy in Reviews / 0 Comments
Review:  ♥ Best Kase Scenario ♥ by Layla Frost

  Title – Best Kase Scenario Series – Hyde #2 Author – Layla Frost Genre – Contemporary Romance Release Date – February 16, 2016 Synopsis Contradictions… Tall and short. Inked and unmarked. Golden and porcelain. Soft dreads and wild red. Dark and… darker. Keeping more secrets than a teenage girl’s diary, Harlow Cooper hides a lot behind her bubbly personality. College student and intern. Loyal friend and loving daughter. Fangirl and girly girl. Lover of […]

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Back from the beach and I’m still in holiday..

Posted December 14, 2015 by StaceyisSassy in Fashion, Pervathon, Random Ramblings / 8 Comments
Back from the beach and I’m still in holiday mode.

  I have a tan, unfortunately it’s only on my legs and even worse it was at the cost of getting a wee bit of sun burn.  I stupidly forgot to put sunscreen on my legs one day and they copped a beating.  When I got back to the unit I did a bit of google research. One of the best fixes is to have a lukewarm shower and apply apple cider vinegar either with […]

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I’m tuckered out…

Posted November 30, 2015 by StaceyisSassy in Food, Pervathon, Random Ramblings, Reviews / 2 Comments
I’m tuckered out…

Quick re-cap…Saturday night was a blast, but Sunday morning hurt just a wee bit.  Hubby was super sweet and looked after me.  I love my hubby.  It was even more sweet because it was our wedding anniversary yesterday.  We’ve been married 18 years and I love him to the moon and back.  We had planned to go out for dinner, but just as we were getting ready to go, a huge storm hit.  So instead […]

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Posted November 10, 2015 by StaceyisSassy in Pervathon / 0 Comments

Haven’t done a Pervathon for awhile and today’s is made up of… Top row – favourite light haired hotties Second row – favourite dark haired hotties Third row – Bugger their hair…I got distracted by their bods

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