Stacey is Sassy’s – 2017 – Books I’ve Loved

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Stacey is Sassy's 2017


I’ve made a list and checked it twice…

You’re going to find out…

Stacey is Sassy’s – 2017 – Books I’ve Loved


I read a few books


For something different, I’m going to share a one-liner/snippet from my review.  These are in no particular order, I loved them all.  Click on the image for a link to my review on Goodreads.


Tessa Dare
I heard rumours that The Duchess Deal was funny but to be honest, my first thought was – how many laughs could there really be with a scarred Duke and a poor Seamstress? Well, it’s bloody funny.


Brynne Asher
It’s like Brynne Asher made a list and checked it twice, against How to write a romance that ticks all Sassy’s boxes list.


Penny Reid
Shelly Sullivan is one of the most beautiful women around. Then…she opens her mouth. Lucky for her, one of the nicest people in existence looks below the surface.


Aly Martinez
I’m a little late in sharing the epic goodness of The Fall Up but, if you’re like me and heard it was good and just waiting to read it soon…ish, move it up your list. The Fall Up (and Sam) will leave you giddy.


Kerrelyn Sparks
I was picked up from my world and dragged into another, where good fights evil, love conquers all and what you see isn’t what you get.


Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy
For the first time in ages, I LOVED the heroine. I mean, for crikey sakes, they even had the heroine stuttering and stammering when she met her long-time crush. Bloody hell!! It’s been years since I actually felt that a heroine was portrayed that realistically.


Kelly Bowen
Alex tells himself he’s not the sort of man to fall in love. Angelique thinks her burdens are too much to lump on a good man. In the end, none of those things matter.


Aly Martinez
So, two people affected by one night and left with scars to show they survived. One stepped up and opened her wings, the other stayed in his cocoon stuck in the nightmare. Both hoping to one day be in the others company. One to share her dreams and the other to apologise for the nightmare.


Anna Campbell
Robert has spent 5 years in hell with only one thing keeping him sane…returning to the wife he loves. His return is not at all as he dreamed and what follows is heartbreak, emotional upheaval, lust and connection. Geez, this book was HOT!!


Kristen Ashley
I loved Rock Chick Awakening so much and was sad to see it end. I cried, laughed, smirked, blushed and sighed. Daisy is as sweet as pie, strong, determined and a lady through and through. Marcus, I knew I would love him but I think I love him even more. I now know where he has come from, what sort of person he is and how and why he fell in love with a Princess.


Lisa Edmonds
Hmmm…a strong heroine, an Alpha shapeshifting werewolf hero, a ghost for a sidekick and a mission that is a race against time? SOLD TO THE SASSY READER, who can’t resist stepping into a world full of magic, lust and adventure.


Keri Lake
I admit that some of this day has been mired in frustration, disgust and horror but most of the day has been sucked into the vortex of an epic read. This was a journey that left me a little battered and bruised but triumphant in the end.


Kate Stewart
Kate Stewart has again taken me on an emotional journey of discovery. Before I started reading Drive, I was convinced that music hadn’t really played a big part in my life. With each new chapter, and each new song mentioned, I realised I was wrong.


Kylie Scott
It’s not often you can get sucked into a book from page 1. In Twist, I was sucked in and not let up for air until the last page was turned.


Kristen Ashley
I started Complicated and admit that I got a little thrill. It was kind of weird (well, weirder than normal). The thrill wasn’t necessarily that it was a KA, it was more to do with the fact that our hero stuffed up…BIG TIME!! Yes, I know that’s strange, but there’s this little part of me that gets a kick out of seeing the big lug head stuff up, learn that he stuffed up and then suck up to get back in.


C.L. Wilson
Honestly, The Winter King was one of the best books I’ve ever read. This is pure escapism that left me on a high. It was longer than I’m used to but it felt like it was over too soon. I am now a C.L. Wilson fan and I can’t wait to escape with her again soon.


Layla Frost
It’s like a fairytale when Prince Charming (in a suit) sweeps the fair maiden (in her ballet flats) off her feet. But, not everything is as it seems.


Jill Shalvis
Lost and Found Sisters is about trusting your instincts, being true to yourself and opening up to new experiences. There is a lot of love, laughs and connections that we see start and then grow. Relationships are not just the romantic kind and this story helped me to appreciate that all relationships help to mould our lives and find happiness.


J.M. Darhower
Ghosted was EPIC. We get to experience young love and acting stupid because of it. We see the ugliness of fame and fortune. The sacrifices and burdens that many young actors face when you want your name in lights. You can’t trust anyone. Your friend today will stab you in the back tomorrow. Relationships start with a Confidentiality Agreement and end when the paparazzi get the story anyway. There are no secrets. There are a lot of lies. That name in lights isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Sara Ney
absolutely loved this story. It always feels weird loving a book that makes me cry A LOT! It’s the journey. If you asked me at around the 20% mark, as I’m wiping tears from my eyes AGAIN, if I would love Zeke, I would have been vehemently shaking my head no. By the end, I loved him and all that he had become.


And so my friends, this is it.  Another year over and a few more books read.  All the best to you and yours, and I will see you in 2018.


Best wishes

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