Review: Too Scot to Handle by Grace Burrowes

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Review:  Too Scot to Handle by Grace BurrowesToo Scot to Handle by Grace Burrowes
Published by Piatkus on July 25, 2017
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 385
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley


As a captain in the army, Colin MacHugh led men, fixed what was broken, and fought hard. Now that he's a titled gentleman, he's still fighting-this time to keep his bachelorhood safe from all the marriage-minded debutantes. Then he meets the intriguing Miss Anwen Windham, whose demure nature masks a bonfire waiting to roar to life. When she asks for his help to raise money for the local orphanage, he's happy to oblige.

Anwen is amazed at how quickly Lord Colin takes in hand a pack of rambunctious orphan boys. Amazed at how he actually listens to her ideas. Amazed at the thrill she gets from the rumble of his Scottish burr and the heat of his touch. But not everyone enjoys the success of an upstart. And Colin has enemies who will stop at nothing to ruin him and anybody he holds dear.

Too Scot to Handle

(Windham Brides #2)

By Grace Burrowes


No rest for the red-haired and weary…

I’m getting the impression that having red hair was considered a disability… ummm… default… ahh… issue, back in the day. Oh, they stood out alright. Some women with red hair were even considered fiery and beautiful. But, for the most part, women with red hair were looked on with pity, like there was something wrong with them. To me, it’s kind of weird. It’s not like you have a choice with the hair colour you’re born with. Maybe it’s a case of not being happy with what you’re born with. Maybe it’s that we’re jealous of redheads. Maybe we all want an excuse to be fiery and beautiful.

In Too Scot to Handle, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Anwen, to English society, is a quiet little red-haired wallflower. Seen and not heard, tiny in appearance, and not considered a beauty. By her family, Anwen is protected and somewhat sheltered. Her history of surviving a childhood illness means that they can’t help but see her as weak. But, someone sees Anwen in a very different light.

The red-haired Lord Colin MacHugh sees the real Anwen. Colin thinks Anwen is intriguing. Her fiery hair is matched by her fiery personality and the more time in each other’s company, the more she feels safe to expose her fire. Their original connection is through the marriage of Anwen’s sister and Colin’s brother who is a Scottish duke. They see each other at social gatherings and are always friendly to each other but it’s not until they are fighting for Anwen’s charity of choice, that they really come together.

Anwen is on the Lady’s committee for the Home for Wayward Urchins, a home for orphan boys. Unfortunately, funds are running out. If there is no money coming in, the home will have to be closed and the boys will be forced back to the streets to fend for themselves. There are directors in charge of making decisions, but it seems that no one is willing to act to make things better. Anwen is going to have to ask family and friends to help her raise funds to save her boys.

Colin, by accident, ends up as a director on the board for the Home for Wayward Urchins. It doesn’t take him long to realise that money isn’t their only problem. Some of the older boys are bored and sick of being disciplined for slights against their headmaster. Using some of his experience from his army days, Colin finds ways for the boys to become active and feel valued.

Anwen and Colin spend quite a bit of time together coming up with ideas to raise some charitable funds. While they’re occupied doing their best to help the boys, they also find themselves occupied with a bit of kissing and reaching for rainbows (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

I really enjoyed seeing Colin and Anwen’s love story play out. What I found completely refreshing was Colin and Anwen never questioned each other’s devotion. This supposedly is a Windham trait, but to be honest, I think it’s more about recognising a connection, believing in love and trusting your instincts. I wish there was a wee bit of Windham in every romance I read. I love it when a couple can hold strong together and have the angst swirl around them, and boy was there some angst.

Love seeing Percy, Esther and Rosecroft again and it was great getting to know Charlotte and Elizabeth better. Those Windham’s are a crazy, loving and honourable bunch and I can’t wait for more from them.

The best way to conquer a disability, default, issue is to match with another with the same disability, default, issue. Now I don’t personally believe that having red hair is a disability, default, issue but I have heard that it’s not a common thing scientifically speaking. Obviously, if two red haired people find each other and fall in love, it has to be fate. Two red heads together will create a spark which turns into a fire that has the potential to grow into a bonfire.


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