Review: The Time In Between by Kristen Ashley

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review:  The Time In Between by Kristen AshleyThe Time in Between by Kristen Ashley
Published by Self-Published on August 29, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 563
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon

After a painful loss, Cady Moreland is coming to Magdalene to start the next chapter of her life. A chapter that began eighteen years ago but had a heartbreaking ending. The time in between was full of family and friendship, but Cady could never get the man she fell in love with all those years ago out of her heart.

Coert Yeager has learned to live without the girl who entered his life right when she shouldn’t and exited delivering a crippling blow he never would have suspected. The time in between was full of failing to find what he was missing…and life-altering betrayal.

But when that girl shows up in Magdalene and buys the town’s beloved lighthouse, even if Coert wants to avoid her, he can’t. A fire in town sparks a different kind of flame that won’t be ignored.

As Cady and Coert question the actions of the two young adults they once were thrown into earth-shattering circumstances, can they learn from what came in between and find each other again?

Magdalene Series


The Time in Between

(Magdalene #3)

By Kristen Ashley


Surviving The Time in Between

I feel a little guilty as I type this…it’s Father’s Day. I’m typing as I tell myself it’s OK because I’m letting him have a huge sleep in. See, I’m being nice. But, there’s this little part of me that feels guilty because I can’t think about Father’s Day because I just experienced MAGIC. Poor hubby, I’ve tried to show him how much I appreciate him for being the best husband and father to our children but Father’s Day should NOT be anywhere close to a Kristen Ashley release date. I’m just glad that I finished The Time in Between before he woke up. Let’s hope this rush job does it justice, probably won’t, but fingers crossed.

I don’t care what anyone else says, but this book, this writing, this experience is what makes me a loud and proud OCKAA. Obsessive Compulsive Kristen Ashley Addict. I’m pronouncing it like the Aussie term Ocker. Definition – The term “ocker” is used both as a noun and adjective for an Australian who speaks and acts in a rough and uncultivated manner, using a broad Australian accent. Now obviously, an Ocker is very different from an OCKAA, but I like the idea that I can have a word dedicated to my love for Kristen Ashley’s work. So, I’m an OCKAA…of the smooth, cultivated and dignified Australian variety, with a normal Australian accent.

Getting back to the story…Holy Shamoly!! That was bloody awesome!! I was high and I was low. I cried, I laughed and I wanted to scream and shout. This story was everything I hoped for. It was a journey taking us from bad decisions to stumbling away from disasters. How a chance meeting with a good and kind man can change your life and give you something you always wished for.

Then, there was the time in between. You’re somewhat content but missing that magical ingredient that brings brightness to your eyes. Every day you live your life knowing that a part of you is missing. Memories are bittersweet because while they are from some of your best times, they’re tainted by a name.

To be honest, I was a little hesitant to start this instalment of the Magdalene series. I liked The Will, I struggled a little with Soaring, so I was concerned that The Time in Betweenwould just be OK. I was happy that my worries were for nothing. This is by far the best in the series.

It COULD be read as a standalone, but there are so many little bits that would be enhanced if you’ve read every book that Kristen Ashley has written. Maybe not EVERY book but most of them. I wanted to finish this one and go straight on to read Rock Chicks (the whole series), The Golden DynastyWalk Through Fire and For You. People and places pop up. A word is spoken triggering a memory of another epic read. It was like catching up with friends. Returning to your favourite haunts. Getting the gossip about people you know. Just a feeling of comfort, like a settling that would come over me when I crawl back into KA world. There’s nothing like it.

It was not a smooth ride reading The Time In Between. I wanted to have my shaking finger out to give a few lectures. A douchewaffle or two needed a kick in the butt. Hubby was called on for hugs and smooches when my tears wouldn’t stop. I even had a chat with my son about forgiveness and holding judgement until the facts have been heard. Geez, I could learn from that lesson myself.

Again, Kristen Ashley has taken me from despising a character so intensely to questioning how I could have ever felt that way. I have to admit, even I was starting to compare my absolutely awesome hubby to Coert. He comes good…like really, really good. Why won’t my hubby protect me from my relatives when they get snarky or pick on me? Ok, I admit, maybe I’m being a bit hard on hubby. There is no way I could compare my family squabbles with what Cady dealt with.

If you’re looking for a read that will take you out of your world for a little while, The Time in Between is perfect. It made me appreciate my good times and realise that my bad times weren’t so bad after all. I recognised real love between the characters because it was familiar to me. There was a dedication to the family some deserved and some completely undeserved, that made me feel happiness and sorrow. Sometimes you can pick your family and that family will be your real one. The real one has your back, stands at your side or takes the front if needed and without question.

I loved The Time in Between and it will definitely be going into my re-read pile again…and again…and again…

It’s Father’s Day, best shut this down and show hubby how much I love him. The best husbands make the best Dads…well in my world they do.


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