Review: 💙 Tempting Justice 💙 by Fiona Archer

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Review:  💙 Tempting Justice 💙 by Fiona Archerby Fiona Archer
Published by Self-Published on April 18, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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He’s sworn to uphold the law

His reckless behavior as a child caused the deaths of his entire family. On the lonely Sydney streets, the orphan found friends. Found “brothers.” Never again will Seattle Homicide Detective Heath Justice break the rules and risk his new family. Order and discipline govern his life…until he meets a curvaceous redhead. With two ugly murder cases to solve, the last thing he needs is this disconcertingly lovely, whirlwind of chaos, yet…charmed by her wit and intelligence, Heath can’t resist.

She believes rules are meant to be broken

Deep into writing a murder mystery, author London Shaw is shocked when she herself is implicated in a homicide. She can’t believe the ever-so-authoritarian Detective Heath Justice expects her to simply ignore the crime and go on about her business. Not happening. Although the man’s whiskey rough voice, cuffs, and masterful touch could melt any woman’s resistance—and does—she has a craving to do a little investigating herself.

When all or nothing is your only play

When Heath’s murder investigation threatens a far-reaching conspiracy, everyone he cares for becomes their target—including the woman he’s come to love.


Tempting Justice

(Sons of Sydney #2)

by Fiona Archer


The Justice brothers are back.

I enjoyed reading Tempting Justice. I like to see siblings bonding with their teasing, sarcasm and humour bringing them together. Mostly having fun, but more times than not there’s an opportunity to poke fun instead. No brother or sister is going to let you live it down when you stumble but what makes a great family is they’re laughing…as they help you up.

I’ve met the Justice family before and I know they have each other’s backs. Now, I know they’ll have the backs of their brothers loved ones too. In Tempting Justice, we meet another close family, the Shaw’s. Derek Shaw and Heath Justice work together as detectives and have been partners for the last three weeks. After an all-night stakeout, Derek talks Heath into having breakfast at his parent’s house. Before breakfast gets touched, Heath finds himself having to pull out his cuffs to apprehend a criminal…Derek’s sister, London.

London is a writer in the process of stepping out of her comfort zone. Her writing career as a Young Adult Romance author has made her a success, but she’s ready for a change. This change is making her nervous because of the risks London has to take. Will she lose her readers? Can she maintain the same level of success in a different genre? By changing her genre, will she still have a publisher? These worries play on her mind but she’s determined to go through with it.

One of London’s first steps in the writing process is research. Unfortunately, her research lands her in hot water with a very sexy Aussie officer of the law who cuffs her and holds her for questioning. When London’s dear old brother comes out and finds his sister cuffed, instead of running to her defence, he laughs. Not willing to be intimidated, London stands up to Heath and comes clean to Derek why it seems she’s breaking the law.

There is plenty of sizzling attraction between Heath and London. Heath knows what he wants and acts on his desire to get to know London more. With her brother being his work partner, he knows that he will have to be careful. London is extremely busy with her writing commitments but she’s definitely willing to make time for Heath. As they get to know each other better they realise they are complete opposites when it comes to order and spontaneity. Heath is order and London is spontaneity…which they hope will balance each other out in the end.

Tempting Justice has a mystery to solve and it will take Heath, his brothers, Derek and his brother Aidan (also a cop), and London and her girl pals, working together to find the answers.

I found that I was a little disappointed with the “erotic” portion of the story. There were times that I felt that everything was laid out and explained a little too clearly. Heath’s idea of bossiness and control was explaining exactly what he was doing…every step of the way. I would have preferred the action without the commentary. To me, I did not feel that the intimacy reached anywhere near the level of needing a safe word. Sure, Heath was a little bossy and uses his cuffs at home as well as the office, but she asked for it. I’m pretty sure a simple no if she was feeling unsafe, would have sufficed.

I liked Tempting Justice. The characters were interesting, the storyline held my attention and I finished with a smile on my face. I will definitely be reading more of this series in the future.


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