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Review:  Show Me Something by Aubrey BondurantShow Me Something by Aubrey Bondurant
Published by Aubrey Bondurant on September 14th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 382
Format: eARC
Source: Author

The light of the future can only be found by stepping out of the darkness of the past...

After leaving her marriage, Juliette Walker wants to accomplish many new things, but meeting a new man certainly isn't part of her plan.

Plagued with struggles over her past, she seeks the advice of a professional. But after unloading her most intimate thoughts to the handsome stranger with dark hair and glasses at a friend's party, she discovers he isn't the man she thinks he is.

Although Juliette comes into Mark Hine's life like an unexpected tornado, he finds himself intrigued by the bundle of energy who spills her secrets in a drunken barrage. Despite swearing off dating permanently since the tragic death of his fiancee, he keeps finding excuses to spend time with the single mom who makes him laugh and brings him out of his shell.

In the aftermath of Juliette's most humiliating experience to date, she's convinced Mark has permanently friend-zoned her, until the moment it becomes shockingly clear she couldn't be more wrong.

But will demons of the past threaten to derail the opportunity for love? Or can two damaged hearts overcome their painful histories to find a future of happiness together?

Full Length Standalone book with no cliffhanger. Fifth book of the “Something Series”.Recommended for mature readers due to situations of language, and sexual content.



Show Me Something

(Something #5)

By Aubrey Bondurant


You’ve got to watch those nerdy types…

I think we all know that relationships can be tricky. Over time we grow and our relationships have to grow with us. It can be a lot of pressure starting and maintaining a relationship that started when you’re a teenager. Mentally and physically, there are still changes ahead. I, myself, was one of the lucky ones where hubby and I were happy to grow and make mistakes together. In Show Me Something, our heroine was one of the unlucky ones. Juliette is recovering from a broken marriage and raising her 2-year-old son by herself. Luckily, she has great friends and when her world turns even more screwy, Juliette’s friends have her back. Especially helpful is Clark Kent look-a-like, Mark.

Don’t hate me for saying this Aubrey Bondurant, but I find it takes me a little while to warm up to the characters and settle into the book. In this case, I really struggled with Juliette until I got to know her and her backstory. Because this wasn’t my first Aubrey Bondurant rodeo, I knew that I had to wait patiently. Thank goodness, I did. I think Show Me Something is her best work so far. I think it may have had a wee bit to do with Clark Kent…I mean Mark’s secret.

Behind the nerdy suits and glasses hides a…kinky, dirty-mouthed and bossy man with a body to die for. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!! Holy shamoly, this guy was HOT!! And, he was sweet too. Bloody hell, I was ready to start a Mark Hine Fan Club. Luckily, I waited. See, good ole Mark has ISSUES! Now, I totally understood his issues and really felt sympathy for him but he didn’t handle some things well. So the Fan Club was a no-go for that moment, but I was still seeing the potential.

Like I said before, relationships are tricky. You add a kid into the mix and tricky becomes complex, problematic and sometimes thorny. The parent of the child isn’t just thinking of themselves and there’s a whole bunch of parental guilt as well. Wanting to spend time away from your child makes you feel guilty. Being interrupted at “crucial” times can be frustrating. Remembering that your child could become attached to anyone newly introduced can be a risk a parent is unwilling to take. When the child has been your whole focus for a long time, it’s hard to allocate even a little focus to someone else. So, jumping into a relationship just isn’t easy.

So, with both Mark and Juliette having their own brand of issues, it’s not going to be an easy journey for them. But, when there’s a connection as strong as theirs, risks are definitely worth taking.

I really enjoyed Show Me Something. Obviously, I was very impressed with Mark but with his “issues” he was far from perfect. It was hard to hate him though because I honestly sympathised with him. Juliette was loveable in a funny and kooky way. Poor Juliette has loose lips when she’s nervous and the stuff she says cracked me up. Her biggest problems stem from her failed marriage. Juliette’s confidence is very low, especially with her post baby baking body. I know myself, it’s bloody hard to regain your confidence after your body has been stretched to all buggery and bits and pieces don’t sit like they used to. Add in the fact that you’re showing it to someone who hasn’t seen the pre-baking body, well who wouldn’t be self-conscious?

I’ve really enjoyed this series and this last instalment has been one of my favourites. We get to catch up with the old gang, see how they’re travelling and where they’re heading to. Show Me Something definitely shows the reality of getting over lost loves and moving on from heartbreak. I laughed, cried, smirked and blushed, never feeling like the story dragged. I definitely recommend trying out the series.


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