Review: 💙 Saving Grace 💙 by Victoria Paige

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Review:  💙 Saving Grace 💙 by Victoria PaigeSaving Grace by Victoria Paige
Published by Victoria Paige Books on June 26th 2017
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 271
Format: eARC
Source: Author

I awoke amidst chaos.With no memory or name and no one to trust.I held the key that could bring down a cartel kingpin.If only I could remember.I realized I was a known target to El Segador.“The Reaper.”The Mexican cartel’s deadliest hitman.He toyed with me and bided his time to kill me.But amnesia and an assassin weren’t the end of my problems.I was pregnant.Two men claimed to be the father.And as I started to remember, I questioned the type of men I had let into my body.One of them had an agenda.Despite the other’s current overprotectiveness and caring, my fractured memories revealed a contemptuous asshole.To save myself and my unborn child, I needed to put my faith in one of them.But which one?


Saving Grace

(Misty Grove #2)

By Victoria Paige


I have to say I’m a bit surprised.

As a reader, I tend to get a little cocky…possessive…a little ‘know it all’ about my favourite authors. You think you know all their little tricks. Feel conceited that you’ve read all their books and “know” them. Well, it turns out that Victoria Paige still manages to stump me from time to time.

I started Saving Grace excited to be reading another stimulating (both physically and mentally) story that I was sure would have a strong and determined heroine, meeting her match in an alpha hero. Sure I got it…after a wee while. At first, I was sitting there thinking…*Ummm…is this really Victoria Paige? Am I supposed to fall for this douchewaffle? Is this chick really bed-hopping?* Now, I know that Ms Paige likes to give us original characters each time she writes, but THIS DIFFERENT??? Hmmm…I’ll watch these guys through squinty eyes and see how it all plays out…

Well, I should have stuck with my gut extinct because of course Ms Paige delivered the goods. Sure, we had to climb some obstacles and see a few smack-downs to get to a stage where I was relaxing into the story. I may have wanted to knock a few heads together and put a few characters in the naughty corner, but finally, they knuckled down to save the world.

Saving Grace is packed with murder, mystery and mayhem. Misty Groves is back in the spotlight after biker wars mixed in with drug cartels/gangs/mafia, DEA, CIA and FBI agents all are scrambling. The Reaper has a hit list of people he’s aiming for and no one feels safe. Luckily, the residents of this town know how to protect themselves and look out for each other. Some of the people on the assassin’s list are good and some are very, very bad. The problem is NOBODY knows what The Reaper looks like, so you can never see him coming.

While I do enjoy Victoria Paige’s characters and storylines, they are a wee bit OTT. Alpha douchewaffle (who comes good…ish), has a dirty mouth and while I appreciate it once or twice, I thought it seemed a little too much EVERY time he thought or acted on his lust. Things played out a little too systematically that it felt like a checklist was marked off every time there was a fight, growly sex session or baddie who does a very bad thing. It just felt a little predictable at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of those things, but it was A LOT to take in in one story.

Saving Grace was an adventure from start to finish. While it did take me a little while to warm up to the characters, by the end, I understood and liked them. It was a very, very steamy read that definitely gets the heart pumping. You can almost see when their feelings start to change from lust to love. Misty Grove is full of interesting characters and I can’t wait to see some more stories for the townspeople.

If you enjoy reading about growly, possessive and bossy heroes, falling for their smart, strong and independent heroine’s, Saving Grace may be perfect for you.


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