Review & Release Blitz: CowSex by Lesley Jones

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review & Release Blitz:  CowSex by Lesley JonesCowSex by Lesley Jones
Published by Self-Published on September 28, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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Throw together two strangers and strand them in a Cabin during the middle of a snow storm, the obvious is bound to happen… CowSex!When Essex lifestyle blogger and fashionista, Gracie Elliott crash lands into the life of former country rock star, Koa Carmichael's world, fists, chemistry, and flirty banter ensue. After sharing some sweet, emotional as well as laugh-out-loud moments, they find it impossible to deny that they might have just discovered what neither of them knew they were looking for.CowSex, sometimes all you need is a little bit.

Lesley Jones



By Lesley Jones


Trust me…the title makes sense…eventually.

I’m sitting back reading CowSex and hubby walks in.

Me: Hubby, how am I going to talk people into reading this book when it’s called CowSex?
Hubby: Is it about his good mooooves?
Me: Ha bloody Ha…
Hubby: Is it uderly sexy?
Me: Oh Geez, STOP. I haven’t even worked out why it’s called CowSex yet?
Hubby: Maybe, he’s all animal in bed?

Well, I’ve finished and now I know that there is a VERY good reason why this book is called CowSex, and it CRACKED ME UP!! I don’t know about you but I had some very…ummm…weird…ahhh…kinky…thoughts running through my head trying to work out the reason for the title. TRUST ME, YOU’LL LOVE IT!! Have no fear, I would not lead you up the garden path, the title is fine, legit and OK. No animals were hurt or “used” in the making of this story. 😉

So, we’ve established that the title is more than you think, now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty. I nearly gave up at 50%. My eye was twitching, and the reviewer in me was STRUGGLING. Do I put ALL my romance reading rules on the shelf and push through? Do I condone… Duh… Duh… Duh… CHEATING? Well, fellow members of the jury, I can say that no rules (well, my rules) were broken and I finished this story with the BIGGEST…GOOFIEST…CHEESIEST…grin on my face.


Ok, it was nearly perfect. I did have a couple of times that I shaked and shuddered, moaned and groaned and squinted my eyes a little. I’m not sure the author knows this, but this book had a remarkable resemblance (definitely not the same) to The Gamble by the LEGEND Kristen Ashley. Now, before you all get judgy, it’s definitely different. For starters, this chick is definitely no Nina and the bloke is definitely not Max. It just had tones of The Gamble, that automatically made me think of it.

I laughed, Oh how I laughed in this book. Another conversation with hubby…

Me: You know how I was cracking up before, do you want to hear why?
Hubby: Your idea of funny and mine when it comes to your books are worlds apart.
Me: No, this time it’s REALLY funny.
Hubby: Sure…
Me: So…. (I’m not going to tell you, you have to read it)
Hubby: (at the end of telling him) Silly (with a big grin on his face)
Me: Silly, but funny too?
Hubby: Yeah, yeah…

Now, there were a couple of times that had me crossing my arms and shaking my head at the hero. I was doing the whole…YOU WANT ME TO LOVE THIS DOUCHEWAFFLE? Well, I can confirm, that if you stick with it, this story will give you a HERO!! You know, those guys we read romance for. He says the right thing, does the right thing and acts the right way. I LOVED FRANGGY…I mean Koa. It was not hard at all to be picturing Franggy as the hero…not hard at all.

What a journey. I absolutely loved the highs and lows. This was my first story by Lesley Jones and it will definitely not be my last. I laughed, cried, squirmed and sighed. Exactly what I’m looking for in my romance reads. Accept the title…and enjoy the ride.

***Wine was drunk while writing this review, my apologies if this was a little whacky. 😊***




CowSex Banner

CowSex Cover


Title: CowSex

Author: Lesley Jones

Release Date: September 29, 2017

Genre: Romantic Comedy – Standalone




When you add two strangers to a cabin, in the middle of a snow storm, the obvious happens…




When Essex lifestyle blogger and fashionista, Gracie Elliott crash lands into the life of Colorado mountain man Koa Carmichael, fists, chemistry and sexual banter ensue.  After sharing some sweet, emotional as well as laugh-out-loud moments, they find it impossible to deny that they might have just discovered what neither of them knew they were looking for.


CowSex, sometimes all you need is a little bit.





I was blown away with the beauty of this.  So funny and so real.  I love a page turner but more than anything I love feeling all churned up and not knowing what’s round the corner.


I will go on record and say this is my No.1 book of the year!  So funny I got a head, cheek and belly ache from laughing/smiling so hard…


When you wake up smiling then start laughing out loud just thinking about the scenes and the lines.  Yes this book does that.  One of funniest Books I’ve read this year!





“He scoops ice out of a drawer in the freezer and wraps the tea towel around it before heading back towards me and placing his makeshift ice pack gently on the back of my wrist.

“Hold this in place,” he orders. I do as I’m told—with a lot of concentration, this is something I am occasionally able to do.

I continue to watch him as he repeats his movements from earlier, only this time he slides the ice pack under my wrist.

He then proceeds to retrieve what I assume are a couple of painkillers from a pack he takes from the pantry. He hands them to me, and I put them in my mouth before accepting a bottle of water he pulled from the fridge.

“You drugging me?” I question.

“Yep. They’re magic pills that stop you from talking, but they only work on beautiful girls. Not sure if you qualify.”

“Oh, and he’s a fucking comedian as well as a first-aider. What other skills can you impress me with, Cowboy?”

He scratches at his beard and gives his head a slight shake. “You have a smart mouth for a little-bit, anyone ever tell you that?”

All the time.

“And you should quit with the cussing. It doesn’t become you.”

“Fuck you.”


We stare at each other in silence for a few seconds, and I feel a bit mean for being rude. He didn’t have to help me out with my arm, but he did, and he did it with a gentleness that surprised me.

“So, where’d you learn the first-aid skills?”

“Played a lot of football, got a lot of injuries, learned how to fix myself up.”

“By football, I assume you mean that game where men wear lots of padding, run along carrying a wonky ball, knock other men out of the way until they reach a line, where they then proceed to throw down the wonky ball and score a point, or a goal, or something similar? Would that be the game you’re referring to?”

He folds his arms across his chest and leans back against the worktop opposite where he sat me.

“It would be the game that’s played something like the way you described that I’m talking about, yes.”

I nod and then shake my head. “Always puzzled me why you would call that football when so much of the game is played with the hands. The foot and the ball, rarely actually coming into contact.”

“Well, what would you call it?”

“Big men that are scared of getting hurt, so they wear lots of padding while they run, ball.”

“Now who’s being a comedian?”

“I’m female, so it’s comedienne.”

“What’s the difference?”

“We’re actually much funnier.”

That earns me a smirk, and I swing my legs while sitting on the worktop, basking in the satisfaction that I’ve almost made him smile.”

Lesley Jones (c) 2017




Lesley Jones

Lesley Jones was born and raised in Essex, England but moved to Australia in 2006 with her family.  Her first book, Saviour, was published in 2013 and she quickly gained a reputation as a writer of gritty, down to earth characters, involved in angsty and emotional plot lines.  Carnage, her third novel, has won a number of awards for ‘Best Ugly Cry’.  Her readers love the fact that she can switch her stories from hot and steamy, to snot bubble ugly crying, followed by laugh out loud moments, in the space of a few sentences.  She has declared that the very best part of her job is meeting her readers and has travelled the world a number of times over the past few years to do exactly that.  When not writing, she has admitted to being a prolific reader, getting through around four or five books a week.  She is a fan of trashy reality TV, listening to music, watching her son play football and enjoys a glass of wine… or three.





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    • Thanks love. I met Lesley a few years back at a book signing and then caught up with her when I was in Melbourne. Lesley is a CRACK UP!! I was reading it with her voice in my head. One day I’m going to read Carnage…soon…ish. 😉

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