Review: ♥ Pursuing Lord Pascal ♥ by Anna Campbell

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review:  ♥ Pursuing Lord Pascal ♥ by Anna CampbellPursuing Lord Pascal by Anna Campbell
Published by Self-Published on September 30, 2016
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 165
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon

Golden Days…

Famous for her agricultural innovations, Amy, Lady Mowbray has never had a romantical thought in her life. Well, apart from her short-lived crush on London’s handsomest man, Lord Pascal, when she was a brainless 14-year-old. She even chose her late husband because he owned the best herd of beef cattle in England!
But fate steps in and waltzes this practical widow out of her rustic retreat into the glamour of the London season. When Pascal pursues her, all her adolescent fantasies come true. And those fantasies turn disturbingly adult when grown-up desire enters the equation. Amy plunges headlong into a reckless affair that promises pleasure beyond her wildest dreams – until she discovers that this glittering world hides damaging secrets and painful revelations set to break a country girl’s tender heart.

All that glitters…

Gervaise Dacre, Lord Pascal needs to marry money to rescue his estate, devastated after a violent storm. He’s never much liked his reputation as London’s handsomest man, but it certainly comes in handy when the time arrives to seek a rich bride. Unfortunately, the current crop of debutantes bores him silly, and he finds himself praying for a sensible woman with a generous dowry.
When he meets Dashing Widow Amy Mowbray, it seems all his prayers have been answered. But his mercenary quest becomes dangerously complicated when he finds himself in thrall to the lovely widow. Soon he’s much more interested in passion than in pounds, shillings and pence. What happens if Amy discovers the sordid truth behind his whirlwind courtship? And if she does, will she see beyond his original, selfish motives to the ardent love that lies unspoken in his sinful heart?



Pursuing Lord Pascal (Dashing Widows #4)

By Anna Campbell


Your mirror doesn’t always show you what people see.

I read Pursuing Lord Pascal in one day. Each instalment of this series has been something I look forward to. Anna Campbell provides us with a short, sweet and steamy historical romance that packs a punch.

We start Pursuing Lord Pascal getting to know our heroine, Amy. Living a life doing what she loves has filled a need, but it has also left her extremely lonely. Her elderly husband passed a couple of years back but Amy never moved on. When visiting with friends and family, the new Dashing Widows come together.

Amy, Sally and Amy’s sister-in-law Morwenna, decide it’s time to enter society again and look to having some fun. Amy sees herself as plain and boring and imagines her friends will struggle to make her look attractive. She’s sure she would bore any man to tears with her talk of agricultural innovations. Imagine Amy’s surprise when her first outing puts her face to face with her childhood crush and he seems very interested.

Gervaise Dacre, Lord Pascal is in need of a wife. Unfortunately, the silly twits he has met so far are leading him to despair. Then, all of a sudden, the air swirled with unmistakable magic (no, this is not a fairytale) and Pascal sees a vision walk into his life. He wants to meet her…he needs to have her. For the first time in his life, Pascal, the most beautiful man in London, is going to have to work for what he wants.

The journey for Amy and Pascal is far from smooth. There are secrets, insecurities, doubts and reservations. Will Pascal be able to convince Amy that he’s more than a pretty face? Has his reputation tarnished his chances of finding a happy ever after?

The people around Amy seem to be distracted by the pretty dresses and not see her boring, country girl ways. Can Amy learn to trust the feelings developing between herself and Pascal?

Again, I find myself getting the historical romance fix I crave in a little package of goodness. I know with these short stories that I will get everything I adore about stepping back in time. I definitely want more and can’t wait to see the other Dashing Widows find their own happiness.



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