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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review:  🍷 Paths 🍇 by Brynne AsherPaths: A Killers Novel, Book 2 (The Killers) by Brynne Asher
Published by Self-Published on April 22, 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
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Maya Augustine needed to disappear—her life depended on it. When her path led her to the middle-of-nowhere Virginia, she found the perfect place to hide. A woman on the run, Maya had no business befriending anyone, let alone allowing herself to become involved with a man … especially after her last experience. Even so, she couldn’t help but become obsessed with the bruised, battered, and beautiful killer who walked into her life.
Grady Cain reached rock bottom. His past finally caught up with him, causing him to lose his edge at work and in life. Spiraling down a desperate path of remorse and guilt, Grady wasn’t expecting his refuge to come in the form of a woman. Day in—day out, she was the only thing he’d allowed himself to think about. To focus on. To consume him.
One was running. The other had nothing to run to.
Until these troubled souls crossed paths…
And two paths became one.
Warning: This author is a mom who runs a PG-13 home. This book is not PG-13. She would literally keel over and die if anyone under the age of 18 read this book. If you’re not of age, save this author from her untimely death, and go read about teenage wizards. They're awesome.



(The Killers #2)

By Brynne Asher


Lucky they were running on the same path.

My Mum always told me to make the best of a situation. I scoffed, crossed my arms and glared at her every bloody time (as children are wont to do). Who wants to make the best of a situation when that situation SUCKS. As I’ve matured and my life has been filled with ups and downs, I’m actually starting to agree with her. No, I’m not going to preach it at my kids (because they’ll react the same as I did) because I hope to set an example they can follow. Now all this rambling was actually to make a point. My point is that I start every book thinking this is my next bestest of the best read. Well, I can happily say my positive attitude paid off and I have a new addition to the list.

It’s like Brynne Asher made a list and checked it twice, against How to write a romance that ticks all Sassy’s boxes list. First off, I’d like to point out that this is my list of good things in perfect romance stories, not, perfect romance in real life. I say this because I have a wee bit more tolerance for alpha, bossy, stubborn and demanding heroes in the books I read than if say, my hubby, tried it out on me. My expectations are a lot higher (than real life) when it comes to the way my heroes look. Unrealistic of course, considering I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen an iliac furrow (you know the v muscle, Adonis belt thingamajiggy) in real life.

So, Grady Cain rocked my world. This guy…well, this guy is kind of my holy grail of book boyfriends. Good looking, great body, smart, bossy, determined and the big one…knows what he wants and goes for it. Geez Grady, you certainly don’t make things easy for the single ladies of the world. If they’re waiting for their own Grady…they may be waiting for a wee while. What made Grady even more irresistible to me is that he wasn’t perfect. He’s lived a hard life and made some dodgy decisions. Grady’s a little broken but the good thing is that he’s aware of it.

Now, Maya, well she’s not perfect, but no heroine is, unfortunately. See, I’m a little harsher on the heroines of my romance reads. Well, for starters, they’re not me, so there is no way they can be perfect (tongue firmly lodged in my cheek). Then, we have to make the heroine a little silly, and slightly deranged/illogical/immature, just so we can make our hero look even better. See, he has to come in and save the day, and if the chick can handle all her own problems…what the heck is left for our macho man, bossy hero to do?

So we have –

Hero – awesome
Heroine – good enough
Storyline – riveting
Additional characters – interesting
Baddies – sneer worthy
Suspense – it’s there
Sexy times – smoking

So I have – my perfect romance read.

Paths is why I am a devoted romance reader. I’m looking for this type of book in all of my reads. Grady is my perfect type of hero. His looks, personality and attitude could be picked up from this story and applied to every type of genre I read under the romance genre. Hey Brynne, if you ever thought about writing a paranormal or historical…I’ll read it. Actually…hey Brynne, can you please write a paranormal and a historical, pretty please with sugar on the top.

Love The Killers series and I can’t wait for more.



About the Author

Brynne Asher lives in the Midwest with her husband, three children, and her perfect dog. When she isn’t creating pretend people and relationships in her head, she is running her kids around and doing laundry. She enjoys cooking, decorating, shopping at outlet malls as well as online and is always seeking the best deal. A perfect day in “Brynne World” ends in front of an outdoor fire with family, friends, s’mores, and a delicious cocktail.


Warning:  This author is a mum who runs a PG-13 home.  This book is not PG-13.  She would literally keel over and die if anyone under the age of 18 read this book.  If you’re not of age, save an author from an untimely death, and go read Harry Potter.  He’s awesome.


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