Review: 💙 Made to Love 💙 by S.M. West

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Review:  💙 Made to Love 💙 by S.M. WestMade to Love by S.M. West
Published by SMW Books on May 5th 2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 218
Format: eARC
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Burned by love once before, divorcee Olivia Cassidy isn’t looking for a recipe for “happily ever after”. The first time she thought she found forever, it turned out to be a marriage with no sizzle and no spice.
Busy starting up her own business and raising two older children, love is the last thing Olivia is looking for—but when the sexy young chef Samson Beaulieu comes into her life, he’s suddenly mixing up something new.
Now it’s up to Sam to show Olivia how delectable their future can be. He may know how to heat things up—both in the kitchen and in the bedroom—but is Sam really made to love her?


Made to Love

By S. M. West


Loving yourself first can help you love others better

I started Made to Love a little squinty eyed. A divorced woman with two teenage children, a doting ex-husband who seems to want her back and give her everything she desires, and a resurrected career in interior design. I kind of felt a bit cranky towards her. Why had she divorced? Was divorce the best thing for her kids? I don’t know about you, but sitting comfortably in my happy little married world, I couldn’t help but judge. Then, as the story unravelled, I got it. I understood where she was coming from. I knew why she had stopped the train she was travelling on, to take a different route. I started to realise that we don’t always see what’s right in front of our face.

I can’t help but feel a connection to this story. While, I myself, am very happily married (20 years this year), I know what it’s like to put your family first and your needs second. I also think, we as parents, are guilty of putting our kids wants and desires before our own. I get it and I completely understand how you can be looking straight at your partner and not see them.

Olivia is cleaning up her life and making herself a top priority. After years of being the little wife at home with the kids, she’s realised that her marriage is broken. It doesn’t look broken, but there’s been these little hairline fractures forming for years. She’s attempted to glue and reinforce the pieces but it has now split into two and they no longer meet or connect. They’re jagged and scuffed and now need to be permanently pulled apart and remodelled to make something new.

By taking a good hard look at herself she’s realised she let herself go and didn’t love herself anymore. With some intense exercise, a good diet and a focus towards her career, Olivia now feels a lot happier. Yes, her ex is still hassling her to give him another chance. Yes, her daughter is filled with teenage drama and angst because Mum left Dad and she doesn’t like it. But, Olivia is finally on her way to finding her happy again.

With her two best friends, Olivia heads to Montreal for a girls weekend. First stop is a nice dinner at a top restaurant owned by the famous and sexy chef, Sam Beaulieu.

Sam is pretty happy with his life. His career is going from strength to strength, he has good friends and enough money to be comfortable. With his TV career making him famous, it’s not unusual for women to approach him at his place of work. Sam is always polite and civil because he knows that keeping them happy means they will come back to his restaurants, but it is a chore. That is, until one day a woman…the woman…the sexiest woman he’s ever seen comes into his restaurant and rocks his world.

Sam is too young, too good looking, too famous for the likes of Olivia. Why would someone like him want to go out with an old lady like her? 7 years…THE HORROR!!

Just need to stop here a moment…this was another epiphany for me. Age doesn’t really matter. OK, in some cases age does matter but in this case, it really doesn’t matter. Olivia is 42 and Sam 35. They’re both mature, have lived a little life and know what they want for their futures. I had absolutely NO problem with this age gap. I’ll be honest, in previous books, I have struggled with the heroine being older than the hero, but I think it had a lot to do with maturity. Sam is mature and established, knows what he wants and Olivia is it.

Anyways, I really enjoyed Made to Love. It wasn’t an easy journey for Olivia and Sam. They faced their own insecurities, the death of a loved one and surviving a long distance relationship. There was plenty of sexy times to see their connection become more than just lust…but enough lusty lust to get my heart pumping. This story was real…well their love story was real. I’m not sure how many smoking hot 35-year-old chefs are out there…but there’s no harm in dreaming.

I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.


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