Review: 💙 Lost and Found Sisters 💙 by Jill Shalvis

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Review:  💙 Lost and Found Sisters 💙 by Jill ShalvisLost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis
Published by Headline Eternal on June 20, 2017
Genres: Women's Fiction
Pages: 400
Format: eARC
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From New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis comes her first women's fiction novel—an unforgettable story of friendship, love, family, and sisterhood—perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover, Susan Mallery, and Kristan Higgins.

They say life can change in an instant…

After losing her sister in a devastating car accident, chef Quinn Weller is finally getting her life back on track. She appears to have it all: a loving family, a dream job in one of L.A.'s hottest eateries, and a gorgeous boyfriend dying to slip an engagement ring on her finger. So why does she feel so empty, like she's looking for a missing piece she can't find?

The answer comes when a lawyer tracks down Quinn and reveals a bombshell secret and a mysterious inheritance that only she can claim. This shocking revelation washes over Quinn like a tidal wave. Her whole life has been a lie.

On impulse, Quinn gives up her job, home, and boyfriend. She heads up the coast to the small hometown of Wildstone, California, which is just a few hours north, but feels worlds apart from Los Angeles. Though she doesn't quite fit in right away, she can't help but be drawn to the town’s simple pleasures…and the handsome, dark-haired stranger who offers friendship with no questions asked.

As Quinn settles into Wildstone, she discovers there's another surprise in store for her. The inheritance isn't a house or money, but rather something earthshattering, something that will make her question everything she thought she knew about herself, about her family. Now with a world of possibilities opening up to Quinn, she must decide if this new life is the one she was always meant to have—and the one that could finally give her the fulfillment she's searched so long for.


Lost and Found Sisters

(Wildstone #1)

By Jill Shalvis


I’ll read Women’s Fiction if Jill Shalvis is the author.

When one of your very favourite authors announces she’s going to write something a little different, do you:

A) Bounce up and down and do a fist bump in the air because she is releasing something new?

B) Cry and scream – Why…why…why…would you do this to me? I don’t like change. Why change a good thing? Please tell me the hero doesn’t die/the heroine doesn’t die? It’s not an apocalyptic/time travel/alien invasion story, is it?


C) Well, OK. I’ll give it a go.

Well, to be honest, I kind of did all three when I found out that Jill Shalvis was writing her first Women’s Fiction. Now, here is where I admit that I’m a bit of a dag. I should have done the smart thing and looked up the definition of women’s fiction. For some silly reason, I thought it was going to be all…women rule the world, work is my focus and if I’m happy in my career – I’m happy in my life. Now, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY OF THESE THINGS!! I hope I’ve made that loud and clear enough. I, myself, read romance for a reason. I love LOVE. My greatest accomplishment in my life is loving my husband and having two wonderful sons. Yeah, I work, I’ve had careers and opportunities, but for me, they are nothing compared to my family. So, when I read contemporary, I want something I can relate to. To me, romance stories are that little space in time when love becomes the focus and life/duties take a backseat.

Anyways…after finishing Lost and Found Sisters I looked up the definition of Women’s Fiction. This article says it in a way I completely understood and could relate to. If like me, you’re a little unclear of the differences between Romance and Women’s Fiction, I suggest you check out this article.…

So, I started reading Lost and Found Sisters looking for the differences. At first, I thought a major difference was that it was a lot more serious. As I went further through the book, I got an AHHA moment when we got to the sexy times. So, women’s fiction means we cut back on the rubbing and grinding and just show the connection in the intimate scenes. Then at 6:30 am I had an epiphany. *Oh, women’s fiction is about life and relationships.* It wasn’t just about him and her getting it on (or what leads up to that), it was about a woman leading her life and managing her relationships with everyone.


I honestly thought this would be a get in and get it done read and admit to a little hesitancy in starting. I had a *Sure, Jill Shalvis, give it your best shot trying to convert me from romance to women’s fiction…* mentality.

Well, I’m converted. I can now proudly say that I read romance -AND- women’s fiction…maybe I should stipulate that at this particular time, I read Jill Shalvis’s women’s fiction.

So, I loved Lost and Found Sisters. I loved the emotions and feelings generated seeing Quinn (the heroine) grow and form new relationships. It wasn’t an easy journey watching her hesitate to take a risk or step out of her comfort zone. I could relate to her hesitations as I have felt those same hesitations myself. Who wants to make mistakes or be rejected?

There were a couple of things that really made this book shine. Mick, the hero, is AWESOME!! Tilly, Quinn’s little sister, has these little quotes from her journal at the start of each chapter. I got to a stage where I was reading them out to my husband. They were so relatable and funny. I would suggest buying this book for those alone…well, maybe not those alone, but they really enhanced the excellentness of the story. I loved Wildstone and want to visit the little town. Actually, I want to live in Wildstone…if it was real and maybe in Australia.

Lost and Found Sisters is about trusting your instincts, being true to yourself and opening up to new experiences. There is a lot of love, laughs and connections that we see start and then grow. Relationships are not just the romantic kind and this story helped me to appreciate that all relationships help to mould our lives and find happiness.

Sorry, this was a very rambling review. I loved Lost and Found Sisters and I can’t wait for more in the Wildstone series. Jill Shalvis, in my eyes you can do no wrong and this story is proof…that is, unless you decided to write a story where you kill off all the characters and make it an apocalyptic/time travel/alien invasion story.


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  1. Debra

    I am reading this now and loving it. Jill Shalvis is one of my auto-buy authors and was excited when she decided to write this book. Great review!

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