Review: Lady Charlotte’s Marquess by Fiona Miers

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Review:  Lady Charlotte’s Marquess by Fiona MiersLady Charlotte's Marquess by Fiona Miers
Published by Smashwords Edition on May 27th 2016
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 190
Format: eARC
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Lady Charlotte is a Duke’s daughter to her very bones. She has everything her heart desires, except for the love that she secretly craves. A child of an ugly, planned marriage, she dreads the union that her parents have and swears never to marry for anything less that perfect love.But that seems unlikely when she lives in a world of rogues, and callous gentleman. No-one is good enough for her and she will not give herself to anyone who is unworthy. Even if her brother’s friend Archie is mysterious and handsome, drawing her attention like no other.Archibald Turner’s life took a swift turn at the tender age of eighteen when he learnt a horrific fate had settled on his brother, and Archie himself would inherit his father’s title. One of the famed ‘Spares’- he did not want the responsibility of his father’s mantle. However, duty called and he turned himself into the most perfect version that he possibly could, dreading the day fate will deliver the ugly blow.The one thing he can’t control is his love for the strong, audacious Lady Charlotte. She makes him yearn for a future that isn’t his for the taking; and yet, when she starts to show him favour, the impossible starts to become possible and the dreams the Archie has suppressed for so long, swim into his life in bold, vivid color.

Lady Charlotte's Marquess Review


Lady Charlotte’s Marquess (The heir and a spare #2)

By Fiona Miers

Well…that was steamy.

I’m not sure how historically accurate Lady Charlotte’s Marquess is but I can definitely vouch that it was very sexy. It’s not a kinky historical romance, more steamy and concentrating on love and a mutual devotion. I think that was the appeal of Lady Charlotte’s Marquess…which unfortunately made it seem a little less historically accurate. In some ways, it was a bit of a reversal in roles too. We have a hero that followed his father’s rules to the T and led him to live his life practically a saint. On the flip side, we have a Lady who is the daughter of a Duke, confident, a little brash and determined to not settle for less than what she desires. Will his good behaviour now, help him in the future? Or will all the hard work and sacrifice be for naught? Will her confidence and brash behaviour in the past, mess with her future? Or will her determination to find the perfect husband leave her a lonely woman?

Poor Archie…his family SUCKS!! His parents are unloving and have never acted in a way to show they care about him or his older brother. His older brother, being the heir, is given a little more freedom and attention. This, in the end, has not really done Archie’s brother any good, because his reckless life of freedom has shortened it dramatically. Archie has gone from being the spare to waiting and knowing he will become the heir. He is NOT happy about it. He never wanted the responsibility or the title and now the family name will be in tatters as well. The chances of him finding an advantageous marriage prospect are slim, and love…almost impossible. Unfortunately, he knows where his heart is and she is so far out of his league he can do nothing but look at her from afar.

Charlotte thinks that her brother’s best friend, Archie, looks down at her because she’s immature and brash. Knowing this she can’t help but find a little pleasure in making him uncomfortable. Charlotte’s lived a very privileged life but not necessarily in a loving or happy household. Her father loves his mistress more than his family and her mother resents her husband for being with his whore more than her. It also seems that Charlotte’s brothers are growing up to have a similar attitude to the duke. The heir, supposedly has a wife and a mistress, and the spare, keeps a constant line of mistresses and no plans to get married. All of these examples of infidelity are so unappealing to Charlotte, she’d rather stay unmarried.

Funny thing is, Charlotte and Archie have the hots for each other. At first, it’s obvious that the two of them are blind to each other’s mutual attraction, and suffer in silence. Then, once the attraction has been confirmed, they can’t keep their hands off each other. Charlotte starts thinking that maybe she has found love but Archie knows he loves her but doesn’t want his families issues to impact Charlotte’s standing in the ton. Will love conquer their reservations? Are they doomed to live without each other?

This is a very steamy read. What makes this a little different from most is that both the hero and the heroine are very inexperienced. They turn to their friends to learn how to pleasure their partner. I think this part is where I find it not really true to the time. From what I understand, this is not something that would be discussed even with a near and dear friend or mate you’ve known for years. I also find it unlikely that Archie would have exposed his vulnerabilities. Look, I actually enjoyed this part of the story, I just know that if you’re a stickler for a historically accurate tale, this one might be seen as lacking.

Overall, I really enjoyed Lady Charlotte’s Marquess and found the love story sweet. The additional characters are great and I’m curious to see who will be the next spare to become an heir. Lady Charlotte’s Marquess was the first story I have read by Fiona Miers and I am keen to read more of her work in the future.

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