Review: It’s Not Over by Grahame Claire

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Review:  It’s Not Over by Grahame ClaireIt's Not Over by Grahame Claire
Published by Self-Published on August 3, 2018
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 366
Format: eARC
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DanielI have two lives.One with the woman who owns me. The other tied to a past I can’t escape.For eight years, I kept them separate, knowing one day their collision was inevitable.That day has come.She’ll have to accept it.It’s over.

VivianHe has two lives.A beautiful one with me. Another shrouded in ugly secrets.It didn’t matter, until now. I don’t know why he’s destroyed us, But fighting for him will be the battle of my life.It’s not over.

Paths to Love #1


It’s Not Over

(Paths to Love #1)

By Grahame Claire


The perfect first date…and 100 more to follow.

I started It’s Not Over at 10:30pm last night. Hubby came in to tuck me in at 11:00 pm and I decided that I should get back into it in the morning. So, I turned the light off and attempted to sleep. Look, to be honest, I didn’t try too hard to get to sleep, but I did try a little. At 11:10 pm, I picked up my device and got back into it until midnight. Oh boy, thank goodness I set myself a time limit. I woke up this morning, started reading, and all hell broke loose. If I had read the next part before midnight, I would have been up all night reading. Holy bloody hell, my heart was beating out of my chest, I was smirking one minute then crying the next. By lunch-time today, I was finished, and I have a big goofy grin on my face.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not perfect, but that’s because Daniel was an IDIOT!! Well, for some of the time he was an idiot, but he was also sweet, loving and selfless…but he was an IDIOT!! Yep, the numbskull decided to sacrifice himself and his happiness out of loyalty and love. Sure, he thought he was protecting his loved ones but hiding the truth doesn’t always protect, sometimes it puts them in the path of danger.

It’s Not Over made me look at myself and the relationships I have with the people I love and admire. The most important people in my life have my loyalty and respect because they earned it not expected it. Would the people I love expect me to sacrifice my happiness for their happiness? No, but that’s why I would go above and beyond to show them I care. Their happiness means a lot to me, but I respect them too much to not try and work through problems together, not just fix it for them. And, this is where Daniel was an IDIOT. He should have trusted the people who loved him to watch his back, stand at his side, or step in front if needed.

I have to admit to a little bit of stir-crazy, mumble, grumbles with all the time jumping in this one. Sure, it was needed to see everything but, maybe we didn’t need so many time-warps again. One thing it did help with was showing Vivian’s maturity and growth. Her younger years showed her sassy stubbornness in the form of snarky comebacks and youthful confidence. While in her older years, we see a similar sassy stubbornness that shows her strength and backbone. This confidence comes from maturity and knowing what she wants and a determination to settle for nothing less.

One thing that was refreshing, is that Daniel loves two women and I never once gave him squinty eyes for it. Vivian is undoubtedly the love of his life (even though he’s an IDIOT about it) and Muriella is someone who he would protect with his life and loves like a sister. Seriously, I NEVER questioned their relationship. Ok, I lie. For like 2.5 seconds I may have thought it was something else, but that was it. 2.5 seconds. Trust me. Anyway, I think there’s a certain cowboy Muriella can’t stop thinking about.

I enjoyed It’s Not Over. The characters were interesting, the storyline kept my attention from start to finish and the sexy times got my heart pumping. A new author duo to me and I’m a fan. I will definitely be reading more from Grahame Claire in the future…especially if a certain cowboy was there. I’m even thinking Donato has a bunch of daughters who may be looking for love…



It's Not Over

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