Review: Heat (Dark Kings #12) by Donna Grant

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Review:  Heat (Dark Kings #12) by Donna GrantHeat by Donna Grant
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on January 30th 2018
Genres: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Pages: 336
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

Nikolai is a dragon shapeshifter who knows well the meaning of loss. Orphaned and raised to be a Dragon King, he never accepts defeat. Now, Nikolai prefers his solitude. . .until a beautiful, irresistible woman calls upon him for help—and Nikolai’s whole world goes up in flames.

Ever since MI5 agent Esther woke to discover her mind taken over with magic, she feels like a stranger to herself. She looks to a notorious dragon, one who has the power to help her find her memory. But as she and Nikolai come closer to discovering what really happened to her, a dangerous passion ignites between them. Can this lone Dragon King help the woman he’s grown to love to uncover the truth about her past—or will a deep and fiery danger tear them both apart in Heat, the next Dark Kings novel by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

Dark Kings #12



(Dark Kings #12)

By Donna Grant


Seeking the truth leads to more questions…

I started Heat a little unenthusiastically. Come on…it’s Book #12, haven’t we covered everything we can yet? Aren’t we going to see the same story again with different names? So, I opened it, started, and then proceeded to nod my head in acknowledgement and praise to the author. It was different, interesting and completely sucked me in. I never once felt annoyed or frustrated hashing over old topics. There wasn’t a time that I felt like it dragged, as I was completely engaged in the journey. Heat moved at a pace that kept my adrenaline pumping. My eyes were peeled for the fae to reveal themselves. I hoped that my mind would be safe from a druid looking to take control. I knew my dragon was standing at my back and would risk his life if I was in danger.

I really enjoyed getting to see Esther and Nikolai come together. They somehow work perfectly together even though they are very different. Esther is a little mentally battered and we see her try to take control and fix the damage to her memories. I hated seeing her suffer insecurity and doubt but loved that Nikolai showed her unconditional support and understanding when she needed it the most. Henry was playing “big brother” to the extreme and I thought his overreaction was making things even more stressful to Esther.

Heat just somehow felt different. I think it had a lot to do with the other parts of the story coming together. We’re finally getting some answers and seeing the leadership battles play out. Ulrik and his past connection with Nikolai show us a different side of a character that has been portrayed as a little psychotic and a lot angry. He was once a smart, caring and loyal dragon, who lead the Silver Dragons well. We get to see some of the hurt he suffered when he was turned away from Dreagan. To be honest, I liked seeing this side of Ulrik.

Rhi has again taken an emotional kick to the heart. Balladyn’s love has been tested and I’m not sure he’s the same Fae anymore. His “love” for Rhi now seems like a *I love the idea of love* kind of love. Almost as silly as Henry’s lusty love for Rhi that he “thinks” is real. And, the one man we want to get his head out of his arse, well, I kind of get the impression that maybe (HUGE MAYBE) he’s opening his eyes.

Talking about Con, geez he’s doing some fancy juggling at the moment. Yeah, sure, he’s King of Kings and a major control freak, but man, he really needs to learn to share the load a bit more. I’m worried that one of his balls will fall and it will have catastrophic results. I kind of get the impression he’s putting off looking further into his true feelings about Rhi until things settle down. Good luck with that Con.

I haven’t read the whole series but what I have read, this is my favourite. The pacing was perfect, the storyline interesting and the connection between the main characters easy to see. The characters are multifaceted. A character that appears dark can have some light and the light may have some darkness waiting to break through. Evil isn’t always as evil as you imagined…the evil may just be coming from the person pushing from behind.

I feel like #12 is the start of the end. All the pieces have been laid out and now it’s just a question of where and how they fit together. I feel like we must be getting close to Rhi and Con’s story? There is a Rhi and Con story, isn’t there? I hope there’s a Rhi and Con story, Donna? Pretty please with sugar on the top…I’m begging for Rhi and Con to be together forever story.


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