Review: Good Dukes Wear Black by Manda Collins

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Review: Good Dukes Wear Black by Manda CollinsGood Dukes Wear Black by Manda Collins
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on April 5th 2016
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

A writer for the Ladies Gazette, Miss Ophelia Dauntry’s passion is her pen. So when she sees a fellow writer kidnapped before her eyes—and the trail of evidence leads to the Lords of Anarchy—Ophelia vows to find her friend and take down the notorious London driving club in her column. But before she can argue her case, she needs the inside scoop from its newest leader: Piers Hamilton, the Duke of Trent.
Headstrong, handsome Trent joined the Lords of Anarchy after a decade in the British Army. He’s made it his business to tame the misbehavior within the driving club—and the infuriatingly attractive Ophelia is only getting in his way. The deeper she digs into the case, the more she puts her own life at risk. Can Trent convince Ophelia to trust him to seek justice…and find protection, and passion, in his arms?

Good Dukes Wear Black Review


Good Dukes Wear Black (Lords of Anarchy #3)


I was tricked…I tell you.

I fell for the oldest trick in the book. I sent the seemingly guilty man to the gallows without all the facts. Good Dukes Wear Black introduces us to Ophelia Dauntry, a reporter for the Ladies Gazette. While she is out shopping with a fellow writer, Maggie, they are accosted by two men who then lead Maggie off in manacles with claims that her hubby wants her committed for her insane behaviour. Oh my Lordy!!!! I am SOOOO glad that can’t really happen. My hubby would have me committed once a month…maybe even twice a month. 😉

But seriously, Good Dukes Wear Black was really interesting. We get to see a little bit about the health system of the time and how mental health issues were dealt with. I’m happy to say we’ve come a long way since then, but in some ways, it’s all the same. It’s still people dealing with an illness that doesn’t have a quick fix, can’t be given a pill to make better, and is a matter of trial and error to find answers. The thing that stood out the most was that the governing body of physicians was a bunch of Lord’s in parliament. To me, that is bloody scary. I’m not saying that the parliament of today is much better, but at least, we have specialists who give advice and recommendations.

Anyways…this story is packed full of intrigue and excitement with a romance that blossoms from the very beginning. I love a swooning maiden who wakes up in the arms of the hero who takes charge of her worries and endeavours to make her world right again. And Lordy does Trent do it right…after his “Hellcat” takes a swipe.

Both Ophelia and Trent team up to save Maggie and investigate why she was committed in the first place…because by George, it wasn’t as it first seemed.

I loved that Trent realises he likes Ophelia and makes it clear that his helping her is to make her happy. Yes, he wants justice, but he wants her more…and shows her how much. I liked that the author didn’t fluff around and make the hero hold his cards close to his chest. We know he wants her and he does not hesitate in protecting her.

This is not a smutty read, but it is packed full of romantic words and gestures, with a little heat in between. When the couple finally come together, we did not have a squeamish miss, but a passionate woman who is made to feel comfortable expressing her feelings and desires. She’s 23 and has two married friends, so she doesn’t go to the marriage bed without a little forewarning. Our Dukey really knew the right buttons to press to get his wifey comfortable (wink, wink).

Manda Collins has written a wonderful historical romance with great characters, an interesting storyline and a mystery that I did not work out until all the pieces of the puzzle were placed. I have read this authors work before, but this is the first book I’ve read in this series. While I know some things would have made sense quicker, I did not struggle reading this as a standalone. I highly recommend reading Good Dukes Wear Black.

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