Review: ♥ Crystal Whisperer ♥ by Camilla Monk

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Review:  ♥ Crystal Whisperer ♥ by Camilla MonkCrystal Whisperer by Camilla Monk
Published by Yaypub on November 30th 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Sweet Jesus, this is it! Or maybe not.
Perpetually foiled romance heroine Island Chaptal and reformed cleaning expert March —or is it Mr. November?— are enjoying a pleasant break in South-Africa, after brushing death in the inhospitable and platypus-infested mountains of Liechtenstein...

That is, until a commercial flight disintegrates over the Atlantic, killing hundreds, and Island's supervillain dad makes the news as the mastermind behind the attack. Old Lion Dries is now on the run, and he calls upon his last ally —and favorite disciple— March.
From the streets of Venice to the turquoise waters of French Polynesia, March and Island embark on a deadly race against the clock to find out what secrets lie behind Dries’s downfall, and stop the mysterious “Crystal Whisperer” before it’s too late. This time, though, there might just be no winning against futuristic weapons, CIA agents, Roomba cats, (reluctantly) evil henchmen, and dads who won’t let you get your groove on, dammit!



Crystal Whisperer (Spotless #3)

By Camilla Monk


My family should have stayed away today

I spent the day in the Mum Cave today. Luckily hubby and my little one were at baseball most of the day and my oldest had some studying to do. This gave me a nearly full day of reading. Kind of a good thing…kind of a bad thing.

Crystal Whisperer was intense. I am the sort of reader whose emotional upheaval from a book carries over to real life. So, when the book made me laugh and I walked out of my bedroom…I mean Mum Cave to get a drink of water, I would smile and chat to my son. But, if I’m in an intense part of the book and my son DARED to knock on my door to ask a question…he got squinty eyes and sneers for his interruption. Pretty much my day was an emotional rollercoaster…and my family suffered. I think my boys have gone to bed a little bit leery of me. Hopefully, they’ll forgive me.


If I didn’t love this author and this series so bloody much, I would be REALLY cranky with the ending of Crystal Whisperer. I AM STRESSED!! Island and March…well I just don’t know where we are at? My heart is still pumping from the end of the story. I don’t know who is good, bad, alive or dead. Do you know how they say that you sacrifice for something you like/love? Well, I absolutely hate cliffhangers but for the Spotless series, I keep going back for more.

I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes this series so great. I know that I spend the majority of my time reading with a grin on my face. The heroine Island (I know, strange name) is quirky and extremely funny. We get her thoughts warts and all. Island is a romantic at heart who has waited her whole life for Mr Right. Now that she thinks she’s found him, she’s trying her hardest to finally get past third base. Unfortunately, bombs, machine guns and sniper rifles seem to always distract them just before the deed is done. Running for your life seems a wee bit more important than bumping uglies.

March ( I know, strange name) is a little OCD. Extreme cleanliness and a need for control make him a fascinating character in my eyes. I still laugh when I think about how March and Island originally met. He is sent to kill her…and cleans her apartment instead. Not much has changed except now Island won’t sit still when he tells her to. Her confidence has increased which means she’s taking more risks. With March feeling a lot more for Island, he struggles when she puts herself in the path of danger. It was never going to be an easy relationship but March definitely thinks that the stress is worth it if he gets to keep Island.

As per usual with the Spotless series, this episode was action-packed and full of adventure. The baddies are out to get them and they must be one step ahead to stay alive. Island’s dad pops up again and brings a heap of trouble to their doorstep. Her ex is also giving them grief and making March extremely jealous and possessive. Each chapter starts by giving us a funny little one-liner from some of the corniest and funniest romance novels the author could think up. I’m pretty sure these stories don’t exist in real life, but each snippet left me with a big, goofy smile on my face. Crystal Whisperer had so many interesting little bits of information in it. I’m not sure if they were thought up or real but either way, the author does a great job in keeping me entertained.

I loved Crystal Whisperer and I’ve loved every episode in the Spotless series. There was a wee bit of  frustration at the ending knowing I’ll have to wait to find out what happens, but I know it will be worth it. I can’t believe I love this series so much considering that I’ve been desperate for Island and March to get it on since the first book. It’s a true sign of the author’s skills that I can still love them as a couple without the intimate scenes. I’m thinking it’s because I know it will happen (hopefully) in the future, I just have to be patient.

I’m a fan. If you like action, adventure, a good laugh and very witty dialogue, this series might be perfect for you. If you are interested, you must start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. There’s one more episode to go and hopefully it will be soon…ish.

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