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Review:  ♥ Crow ♥ by A. ZavarelliCROW by A. Zavarelli
Published by Self-Published on February 8, 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 300
Format: eARC
Source: Author

An Irish mobster. A missing friend. Two loyalties, ripping me apart.
I had a plan.
Get in, get my information, and get out. Easy, right?
Turns out, infiltrating the Irish mafia isn’t exactly what I thought it would be. I just wanted a soldier. Someone I could flirt with to get me in the door.
That’s when Lachlan Crow noticed me. Problem was, he wasn’t a soldier. No, he was next in line for the throne of the Irish underworld. And he was determined to hate me from the outset. My sob story about needing a job? Yeah, he wasn’t buying that either.
Too bad for him, I won’t let anyone get in the way of my mission.
Who cares if we have some kind of crazy chemistry? He’s the worst kind of wrong- and I would never in a million years be with a guy like him.
Because they took her from me, and I’m going to make them pay.

Crow Review


Crow (Boston Underworld Book 1)


Being tough won’t stop you from getting knocked out by love.

I finished Crow happy, content in finishing a good story and sighing that it had a love conquers all feel to it. BUT, it was also dark and gritty, with violence, rape and abuse throughout. The big question for me at the end was – Would I or Could I, love a bad man? It’s a tricky one for me because I don’t think (in real life) I’d be attracted to the “bad boy”. Now if hubby came home all of a sudden telling me he’s joining a bikie gang and he wants me to be his biker chick? After I got off the floor from having a laughing fit, if I thought about it, my honest answer would be, I don’t know. Yes, I love my hubby with all my heart, but I’d have to question why he would want to bring his family into a life with the potential for violence, rape and abuse. Hmmm…saying that, I wouldn’t mind seeing him in jeans, a leather jacket and biker boots 😉

Anyways… Crow. We start this tale meeting a young lady by the name of Mack, short for Mackenzie. She’s a tough chick who’s lead a hard life. Her dad was an underground fighter who ended up on the wrong path and dying from crossing the Russian Mafia. Mack was only 13 years old when he died and with her mum already dead, she was put into foster care. She made some friends while in foster care, but the system was not good. Eventually she ran away with her best friend Talia and together they lived on the streets. That bond lasted years, but then Talia goes missing. The police have given up hope of finding her, so Mack decides to get some answers by herself. First stop, Talia’s last workplace…Slainte owned by the Irish Mafia. Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of walking in, she has to get the attention of one of the men and be invited in. Anyone will do, but of course Mack gains the attention of the wrong man.

Lachlan is a member of the MacKenna Syndicate which he’s in line to take over the running of. They are his family and the people he loves the most. His grand-da has just died in a shooting, Lachlan wants revenge for his murder and now there are a lot of other problems to deal with. They’re trying to form an alliance with the Russian Mafia, while staying out of the Italian mobs way and being attacked by the Algerians who want their turf. The last thing he needs in his life is a tough little thing that fights like a demon with a body made for sin. Lachlan is fascinated with her. At first he manages to push her away, but then the choice is taken away from him and he needs to keep her close.

Lachlan and Mack at first don’t really see eye to eye, but neither of them can deny the attraction they feel for each other. The more time they spend with each other, the more the temptation grows. Eventually they succumb and there are fireworks. Both of them are keeping secrets, but wished they didn’t have to. With him on one path and her on another, they eventually collide.

This is not a sweet story. It is at times quite ugly. Luckily for Mack she’s been brought up tough, because she’s going to need that strength to get her through the situations she’s thrown into. Loving someone who lives this type of life is hard. First off you have to spend your life looking over your shoulder. Then you have to deal with death on a regular basis. People you learn to love can be killed in the blink of an eye, or you may have to witness your love one do unmentionable things. It just wouldn’t be an easy life to willingly walk into.

Crow was an interesting story full of lust, crime and intrigue. There are evil people on both sides, but surprisingly there are good people as well. I did struggle at first getting through all the gangs, groups, mafias and mobs. A lot of people to keep track of and I sometimes found it hard to follow what was going on.

Crow is packed with violence and sex…not necessarily together. I had no problems with it, but there was A LOT!! This was the first story I’ve read by the author, and I would not hesitate to recommend Crow to people who enjoy gritty mafia/gang/mob/syndicate book’s.

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