Review: ♥ Broken Angel ♥ by Amanda Jones

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Review:  ♥ Broken Angel ♥ by Amanda JonesBroken Angel: A Princes of Hell Novel by Amanda Jones
Published by Self-Published on October 31, 2015
Genres: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Pages: 268
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Mara is a beautiful and talented surgeon with everything going for least on the surface. She has a dark secret she has kept buried for centuries.
Bataryal is a fallen angel broken beyond repair...or so it seems.
Will the beautiful surgeon who saved his life also be able to redeem him, or will Bataryal's damaged soul lead them both into the depths of Hell...



Broken Angel:  A Princes of Hell Novel

By Amanda Jones


I’ve found a gem…it just needs a little polishing.

I read A LOT of books, some great and some not so great. But the thing that gives me the biggest high is when I find a new author that…

Gets my heart pumping.

Brings something new to the table.

Leaves me content at the end of the story.

Well, I can honestly say that Amanda Jones has definitely caught my attention. Now, saying that, I’m not going to gush over her too much because…dun…dun…duuuun…her writing is great but her editing needs a little work.

What I find really great about her writing is that it’s not all smutty smut but there’s plenty of heat. Her stories get my attention from the very first page and I’m dying to get back to it. Her characters tell their stories in a real way. None of them is perfect and knows it. They suffer from self-doubt and negative feelings. These characters look for ways of escaping their problems and not in a healthy way. Most of the characters count on their friends, family or fellow baddies to have their backs. They just seem like normal everyday blokes and chicks…who suck blood, have wings and their eyes glow.

In Broken Angel we get to know B and Mara a little better. In the beginning, I can’t say I was a huge fan of Bataryal. Look, I know you’re supposed to sympathise with him because of all the horrors he has faced, but I was disappointed in him. A drug addict who uses sex to distract him from his nightmares didn’t come across as my perfect kind of hero. I eventually saw his good side and it had a lot to do with Mara. She is his good side.

Mara is a vampire who works as a doctor with her best friend who is also a vampire. They’ve known each other for hundreds of years and have saved a lot of lives. Mara loves her work but she also does this to make up for the bad years after she was turned. I liked Mara. She’s strong, intelligent and doesn’t put up with pain in the backside angels. Mara has her own history of problems, but she’s determined to always try and look forwards. TRY…sometimes history just can’t help but bite you…in the neck.

Mara and B’s love story is not an easy one. They have outside forces trying to kill B. Mara, because of her past, is hesitant to trust the feelings that are growing between them. B, thinking he isn’t good enough for Mara, tries to push her away. Bloody knuckleheads.

Satan is on another quest to get out of Sheol using his minions to bring down the fallen angels. I really get a kick out of Satan’s character, his love for Wham and his evil ways. By the end of the story we know that his plans have not been thwart, especially because his sister is now in the fallen angel’s clutches.

I will definitely be back for more. It would be so cool to see Sam and Nyx together. I wonder if all the heavenly light will knock some goodness into her?



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