Review: Accidental Tryst by Natasha Boyd

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review:  Accidental Tryst by Natasha BoydAccidental Tryst by Natasha Boyd
Published by Self-Published on March 6, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 358
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon

Two strangers accidentally switch cell phones in a busy airport in this edgier You've Got Mail, sexy romance for the smart-phone era ...

 What a disaster! I only just made my flight to New York to help my uncle, and the phone I’m holding is not mine! It seems to belong to some commitment-phobic serial dater who’s never made it past four dates (according to the constant notifications he's getting from his fake dating profile...) And worse? I have a sinking feeling it’s that hot suit-monkey with the arctic grey eyes I just had a run-in with at the airport. Somehow, I have to persuade him not to get a new phone until I get back. My whole life is on that phone. I knew I should have backed it up. It’s only a few days. Surely, we can handle it. 

This is a joke, right? My life could not get more f*cked up. I’m in the middle of selling my company and on my way to a funeral and that hot mess hippie-chick stole my freaking phone. I’m not sure how she convinced me not to immediately walk into a smart phone store and get a new one, but now she’s going to have to play stand in and distract me while I deal with my long-avoided and estranged family. I don’t have my dating apps after all, and frankly she’s pretty funny. And sexy. And why can’t I stop texting her? And now we’re talking. And … look, I’ll admit that I usually run for the hills the morning after, but the morning after phone sex? That’s not really real, right?

Natasha Boyd


Accidental Tryst

By Natasha Boyd


Proving the sceptics wrong…

Accidental Tryst caught my eye with its bright and original cover. These days, I have less and less time to cave in to cover love and pick a book based solely on its cover. Gone are the days where abs and pecs catch my eye. Now, my eyes are looking for something different. It doesn’t have to be a work of art but it does have to have a little pizazz. So, it wasn’t the author, because I haven’t read her stories previously. I hadn’t “heard” about this story either. It was a cover that caught my eye, then a blurb that was interesting, followed by a price that was not only affordable, it was a bit of *BARGAIN* (anything less than $4.00 is a bit of a bargain these days).

From the very first page of Accidental Tryst, I was hooked. I love a good manwhore who realises he’s only a manwhore because he hadn’t found the right woman YET. Of course, there were many reasons why he was a manwhore and I found myself excusing his past mistakes fairly easily. Trystan proved all the sceptics wrong. Manwhores can change their ways. By looking inside himself and getting to know Emmy, he realised that sharing more than a sexual relationship with a woman can make you happy.

I love it when I find a romance that I love the heroine as much as the hero. Emmy is the kind of heroine where you actually want her in your own life. She’s the friend who has your back, cares about others…and knows the best places to eat and get coffee. Emmy has had some hard times in her life but she’s determined to make the best out of every opportunity. She’s just a fair dinkum nice person who deserves a happily ever after.

The old phone switcheroo is a great storyline and this one was one of the best I’ve read. I loved that Emmy admitted it was easier starting a relationship/friendship by text than having to get to know each other face to face. Both of them acknowledged, that at any time they could throw away the phone in their hand and never have to see/deal with each other again. It was fun watching them realise it’s a little more than just minding a phone. When you’re constantly thinking about them, worrying for them and fantasising about them, it’s definitely more.

I loved the humour in Accidental Tryst. There was a smile on my face throughout most of the story. The only time my smile dimmed was when I had to witness them suffer through their worries over heartbreak and being abandoned. I was convinced they were perfect for each other and that they HAD to make it work.

Honestly, this story left me happy. It had just the right mix of highs and lows to keep me thoroughly entertained. There was the initial…*You want me to fall for this Douchewaffle?* That then changed into… *Oh, so you do have a heart buried deep down inside*. Then there was the…*How could you not fall for this cute and quirky lady in her yellow polka dot bikini?* Which made it easier to bear the heartbreak when I was confronted by their pasts…*Oh you poor dear souls, you’ve both had it tough and it breaks my heart to see you have suffered.* The sexy times made me squirm and my heart beat faster…*Oh my lordy, that scene was so HOT and you weren’t even in the same bloody room.*

Give me a love story that hits all the highs and lows, and you’ve given me a winner. I’m glad the cover caught my eye, it was a *BARGAIN* and the manwhore proved the sceptics wrong by making the Accidental Tryst lead to a happily ever after.

I will definitely be looking for more stories by Natasha Boyd in the future.



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