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Review:  ♥ The Mind ♥ by Kate StewartThe Mind by Kate Stewart
Published by Self-Published on January 29, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 141
Format: eARC
Source: Author

We fell in love in a lightning strike, a sudden anomaly in a sea of lost people. He knew right away, yet I was hesitant. I could have never prepared myself for a love like ours. No one could. As a child, I had conjured an amazing story in my mind. It was a story I could retell about a man that would move me like no other; a story about the way we met and how he had swept me off my feet. But, the ending to that fairytale was so far from the reality. No one will want to hear that story now, but for Grant, I will always tell it.
***Explicit Sex and Language. Not for those who are not fans of spontaneous love affairs.
Reading Order for The Reluctant Romantics Series
The Fall The Mind 1.5 (Novella for Grant and Rose) The Heart (Coming March) 2016 (less)

The Mind Review


The Mind (The Reluctant Romantics #1.5)

I felt that…


First off I need to apologise to Kate Stewart for sitting on my ARC and being too scared to read it. See, I’m a cryer. At the time I got my ARC I knew I wasn’t ready to read Rose and Grant’s lightening strike love story. Now, The Heart is here and I know it’s time to let it all play out. Yes, I’m not reading this the way Kate wanted me to, but I had to read it this way. I’m a sucker for love…and when it hurts, I need to know that it will come out OK. Bloody hell I hope it all comes out OK.

I knew I’d have to brace myself reading The Mind. I didn’t realise how hard it was going to be seeing such a sweet love story, and knowing that I shouldn’t get too attached to it. I didn’t want to love Grant as much as I did. I didn’t want to see this perfect love story form. I knew I didn’t have it in me to brace hard enough to take the pain without tears. As each page turned, I wondered how much more of this beautiful love story I could get through. I wanted to cry with every sweet gesture made and loving word spoken. I timed my reading for the second half of the story, to be when my kids were at school. I knew it was going to get ugly.

Then it happened…and it was too quick…too much to take in…just a few short paragraphs broke my heart.

I’m bloody tearing up writing this.

I had just read the words and I had to take my glasses off for a big old tear-fest. I was just getting back into it (still sniffling) when hubby came home from a meeting. He knew about this book because I’d warned him. Hubby walked into the room and I launched myself at him bawling my eyes out. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to calm me down. I told him fiercely…”don’t you ever leave me!” He calmly replied, “sure”. I realised what a goose I was being and how sweet he was being, then I felt him shake. I’m bawling…and laughing…and bawling. I asked, “are you laughing at me?” He said, “no baby, but I might be smirking just a little.” (Sorry for the grammar, too emotional to do it right but I’m sure you get the drift).

So, The Mind upset me just a wee bit. It was beautifully written and emotional to the point that I couldn’t read it without feeling it. I’m glad that I decided to read it this way because I know going onto The Heart now wouldn’t have felt the same if there was a big break in between reads. I wanted this pain to carry on over to the next book, so I can take the journey as a whole. No pressure Kate Stewart, but I hope you can mend my heart.

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