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Review:  ♥ Jackson ♥ by Eve JaggerJackson by Eve Jagger
Published by HEA Press on June 29, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Social Butterfly PR

I thought I knew what I wanted.

The perfect life, the perfect wife.

And then I met Skylar.

Turns out what I wanted wasn't what I needed.

She's spontaneous, beautifully chaotic. She's an irresistible storm about to let loose. She dances like a firecracker and finds the sexiest ways to get in trouble. She breaks into buildings and knows all of Atlanta's best taco trucks. She doesn't check the boxes on my list--she blows my list out of the water.

I thought I knew what I wanted, but now all I want is her.

But our lives are so different. She's chasing adventure and determined to never settle down. I'm climbing the ladder to success, setting the groundwork for my ambition and the family that I hope to build. When our worlds come together, will they fit together or will they clash?

Jackson review


Jackson (Sexy Bastard #4)

By Eve Jagger

Instead of the Bad Boy we have the very Naughty Girl

Get my walking stick honey…my bones are creaking. Yep, I’m feeling my age again. Look, Jackson is actually a really good story, left me happy, and with a goofy smile on my face…BUT…I nearly gave up at 73%. I’m glad I persevered, realised that I was nearly too hasty and that this part of the story really had to happen. The 73% mark wasn’t a throw my kindle across the room issue or even a WHY…WHY…WHY did he go there, kind of thing. The 73% mark was more a shaking head, rolling eyes…silly adrenaline junkies and the mischief they get up to, clanger. I am NOT an adrenaline junkie. I am NOT someone who’s looking for adventure. I am NOT looking to overcome a long-seated fear. So, for me, it took till nearly the end of the book to “get” the heroine of this story. She’s living her life to the fullest, making the most of each day, and trying to protect herself from hurt or heartbreak. I think we all WANT to be like this, but sometimes we need the push to make it happen. Skylar’s doesn’t want a beige life…she wants COLOUR!!

Jackson starts with a heartbreaking prologue that gives us a glimpse into Jackson’s life and what has steered him to live the way he does. He’s conservative, practical and looking into the future. Jackson is nearly thirty, successful in his career as an architect, and nearly all his friends are happy in serious relationships. Jackson is thinking about settling down and his written a list of what he’s looking for in a wife. Funny thing about writing lists and checking them twice, you don’t always know if you want the naughty or nice. Jackson tries both out…and of course, the naughty girl is so much more exciting than the nice girl.

Skylar is naughty, but she’s not looking to be naughty, sometimes it just happens because she’s looking for fun. Skylar has fought and conquered some very nasty battles in her life which have left her on a mission to make the most of each day. She’s not looking to the future, it’s the here and now she’s most concerned with. When she meets the very sexy, but a little too straight Jackson, she tries to stay away from him. He’s…relationship material…THE SHOCK…THE HORROR!! Of course, knowing such a good bloke really comes in handy when you’re in a spot of bother. It also helps that he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to help her out. The more time she spends with him, the more she likes him. Skylar is on a mission to make the very straight Jackson…a little crooked.

This story is very steamy, at times funny, but also extremely thought provoking. It touches on some very serious subjects that had me turning to hubby and asking him what he’d do in the same situation. To be honest, we were both stumped. I won’t tell you the question, but I will tell you his answer – I guess it depends on how much you love them? And that ladies and gentleman is the answer. You will do a lot for the one you love. You will move mountains…even if it gets you into trouble, finds you in a spot of bother, or leaves you wondering where your brain has gone. Love can bring you to the highest of highs or the lowest of lows.

In the end, I really enjoyed Jackson and loved seeing the progression of their relationship. I have not read any of the previous books in this series but had absolutely no problems following along. Saying that, I’m very tempted to go back and read all the other books because some of those characters were a CRACK UP!!

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