Review: ♥ Dirty ♥ by Kylie Scott

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Review:  ♥ Dirty ♥ by Kylie ScottDirty by Kylie Scott
Published by MacMillan Australia on April 19th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 288
Format: Kindle
Source: Amazon

The last thing Vaughan Hewson expects to find when he returns to his childhood home is a broken hearted bride in his shower, let alone the drama and chaos that comes with her.
Lydia Green doesn't know whether to burn down the church or sit and cry in a corner. Discovering the love of your life is having an affair on your wedding day is bad enough. Finding out it's with his best man is another thing all together. She narrowly escapes tying the knot and meets Vaughan only hours later.
Vaughan is the exact opposite of the picture perfect, respected businessman she thought she'd marry. This former musician-turned-bartender is rough around the edges and unsettled. But she already tried Mr. Right and discovered he's all wrong-maybe it's time to give Mr. Right Now a chance.
After all, what's wrong with getting dirty?

Dirty Review


Dirty (Dive Bar #1)


The Dirty Princess was looking at the wrong Prince.

I’ll start off by saying that I’ve met Kylie Scott once and heard an interview with her another time and through the whole time I was reading Dirty it wasn’t my voice in my head, it was hers. Anyone else who has heard Kylie talk, know she’s got quite a husky voice. Let’s just say, I think she could REALLY pull off narrating her own books. Anyways…I really, really enjoyed Dirty. This was a fairly short story that flowed well and kept my attention from start to finish. The characters were humorous, original and interesting with a love story that sparked from the beginning but ignited when their feelings could no longer be denied. It’s insta-lust…kind of insta-love, but never really felt like it. Considering the story spans just over a week, it felt like a lot longer. Maybe because it was dealing with a lot of issues, or maybe it was because the characters connected so well from the time they meet.

Lydia has realised (too late) that her fiancé was hiding a very big secret. Luckily, she found out before she walked down the aisle. With feelings of anger, frustration and complete devastation, she runs…and there isn’t any wall too high she won’t climb to get away. Sneaking (running as fast as she can) away from the wedding, she comes across a little cottage that looks abandoned. There is a window leading to the bathroom opened with enough room to climb in. Thinking to hide for a little while, she climbs in, steps into the bathtub and has a little meltdown.

The house wasn’t abandoned. Vaughn was visiting his childhood home with plans to sell his half to his sister Nell. Feeling a little rusty and a lot uncomfortable, the last thing he expects to find is a very sexy, busty woman, in a wedding dress, sitting in his bathtub. Vaughn, being the laid back kind of guy he is, doesn’t automatically call the cops. He wants to find out what the breasts are doing in his house before he chucks her out. After getting breasts out of the tub, grabbing a towel to contain his swinging bits and making coffee, he finally sits down to have a talk man to chest. If you haven’t cottoned on yet…Vaughn’s a titman.

Lydia and Vaughn, having not met each other before, find comfort in their anonymity and share their secrets. Just in time too, because the wedding party comes to Vaughn’s house and there is war in the front yard and the bad guy is left bloodied. Everything settles down, but Lydia is left jobless, homeless and scared what her future will hold. Vaughn is facing his own dilemma but they are both sure that this is just a pitstop and they will be moving on soon. He offers a place for Lydia to stay for the few days she’s here and before he heads off himself. Living together, it doesn’t take long for Lydia to meet Vaughn’s friends and family. Most of them either work, or are a part of Nell’s bar called Dive Bar. It’s not long before Lydia becomes one of the gang and finds she doesn’t want to leave town afterall.

Dirty addresses many issues that we as a society deal with every day. Body issues, family issues, divorce, cheating, running a business, having dreams, lifetime goals and following your heart. Do you keep persevering with a lifetime dream when it’s been derailed, or do you make new dreams? Is it easier to move on from heartbreak, when you realise your heart wasn’t really involved? A few tears, a bit of laughter and a lot of self-reflecting helps both Vaughn and Lydia work out what makes them happy and who they want to be a part of that happiness.

I’m glad I got down and Dirty with Lydia and Vaughn, took aDive with Nell, Eric, Joe and Rosie, and caught up at the nextStage with Mal. I wonder what the next Twist will be.


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