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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Release Blitz, Review and Giveaway – ♥ Craving Justice by ♥ by Fiona ArcherCraving Justice by Fiona Archer
Published by Self-Published on April 21, 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 276
Format: eARC
Source: Give Me Books

Four Aussies in Seattle
Once brothers
Now strangers
As an unseen enemy takes aim
Four must stand as one for Justice to survive.

A man branded by his past

Seth Justice is tall, daring and dangerous. The former street kid from Sydney owns a thriving technology company in Seattle. But he has bigger goals―or should that be ghosts?―that drive him harder. On the verge of selling his business for a fortune, he’s celebrating when Harper Fox, daughter of the buyer, tumbles into his arms. The curvy café owner enchants him with her sassy personality. Soon they move from easy banter to a night of passion that reveals a sweet vulnerability in the soft-hearted woman.

A woman determined to control her future

After a lifetime of her domineering father’s scorn and rejection, Harper dances to her own beat. She has her café and surrounds herself with a chosen family of her eccentric staff and close friends. While she’s mostly content… her heart aches for more. But Harper has been burned before and doesn’t trust easily. That is, until a man with a panty-melting Aussie accent and a commanding stare entices her to take a chance—on him. When Seth takes charge in the bedroom and ties her control in knots, he awakens a need in Harper that leaves her hungry for more.

A new beginning worth fighting for

When an unseen enemy attacks the new life Seth and his brothers have built, the ensuing disaster tests not only his developing relationship with Harper, but also threatens to sever the last remaining bonds with his brothers. As Seth struggles to protect everything and everyone he loves, he has to determine if Harper is his enemy’s target—or accomplice.

RB,R&G Craving Justice


Craving Justice (Sons of Sydney #1)




Hot Aussie blokes, fashion, laughs, intrigue AND sexy times. WINNER!!

Let’s look at the facts…Craving Justice REALLY ticked all my boxes. This book has a HOT hero, Seth, and HOT brothers as well. The heroine, Harper, is funny, quirky and a little bit of a klutz. There were plenty of descriptions of cool outfits worn by Harper and her gal pals, Cleo, and Jinx. The mystery and intrigue had me riveted from start to finish. AND…Seth’s into a little bit of kinky, sexy times (hubba hubba). Put it all together and you have got one sensational story.

Craving Justice starts out with Seth in a business meeting with one of his brothers Dillon, and the CEO of Brooke-Porter Digital, Stanton Fox. They’re there talking deals…and I mean BIG deals, to the tune of $50 million dollars type of big deals. Seth is selling his phone app design business Shazad. At the end of the meeting, they have negotiated a deal and a letter of intent has been signed. Stanton asks the brothers to a corporate function and the men agree to go. The event is a little bit stuffy for Seth, but he’s on a high and willing to suffer through with it. It’s not all bad for Seth because a cute, little bombshell falls straight into his arms and knocks him off his feet.

Harper is a bit of a klutz and even limiting her heels to two inches doesn’t stop her from falling…into a gorgeous man’s arms. After introductions, she realises he’s the brother of one of her regular customers Dillon. Harper owns a coffee shop that is doing quite well. Unfortunately, she will never live up to her father’s (Stanton Fox) expectations. Harper is hurt by her father’s hostile and rude behaviour as well as his constant disappointment in her. Her best way to avoid confrontation with him, is to avoid him but in this case she’s there to see her sister who’s at the function.

Harper and Seth hit it off straight away and decide to have dinner together. As they are still enjoying each other’s company they decide to have desert at Harper’s place. The intimate setting and their attraction to each other leads them to the bedroom and the SPARKS FLY!! While Harper is a little hesitant after having a couple of bad relationships, Seth is very keen…and he makes that fact known. I love a man who doesn’t beat around the bush. Must be the Aussie in me, as we are supposedly known for our blunt and straight to the point manner 😉

Leaving each other with smiles on their faces and hope in their eyes, they had no idea what was in store for them on waking the next morning….

Social Media Attacks

Seth, his brothers, and Harper are in the firing line when Seth’s Facebook profile is compromised and ugly messages are shared. No-one’s safe and Seth’s business arrangement is in jeopardy. Also, the attack on Harper is not flattering and she is lead to believe the attack was directly from Seth. Luckily, Harper’s a cool chick, ready to listen and they work everything out.

Craving Justice takes us on a journey with Seth and Harper as they try to work out the mastermind behind the attacks. Who wants to see Seth and his brothers suffer? Who wants Seth’s $50 million dollar deal to fall through? Who is taking pleasure seeing Seth and his brother’s flounder in these trying times? The journey was awesome and I loved that I hadn’t worked it out until the answer was practically dropped into my lap.

I loved the additional characters in this story and I hope every one of them gets their own stories. We meet Harper’s best friends, Jinx, Cleo, Nitro, Ryan, and Abby. Then there are Seth’s brothers…A business man, a commando, a cop, a wood working genius who looks like a biker dude, and an SAS army sniper. Lots of goodness to look forward to…and maybe even Jinx or Cleo could hook up with one of the brother’s. I’d like to see that.

Craving Justice is a steamy read with a little bit of kink. It is in no way a BDSM, hardcore kink book, more like a feel the burn and get “turned on” type of kink. There is one violent scene towards the end, but it was not OTT or extreme.

My only teeny weeny little complaint was that the flow was a little stilted to begin with. Seth talked a wee bit too much in the first couple of intimate scenes. Yes, he was a confident man, but I can’t imagine most men having such deep conversations the first time they’re getting it on. After the first time, it settled down and his “talking” was dirty and HOT!!

Craving Justice was my first story by Fiona Archer and definitely won’t be my last.


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Fiona Archer writes erotic romance filled with masterful Aussie alpha heroes and teams them with sassy heroines who limit their submissive side to the bedroom. She lives in sunny environs of Sydney, Australia, and is harassed by a flock of wild cockatoos that take over the back yard each afternoon, demanding their feed. Her favorite hobbies include watching Nathan Fillion on television, shopping for that ever-elusive perfect shade of lipstick, and drinking iced coffee.











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