I read a book today…great expectations

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I read a book today


I read a book today…great expectations


I read a book today with great expectations.  Every book I start, I hope that it will be epic.  Am I wrong to be a little frustrated when my expectations are not met?


Should I be disappointed when the hero I’m supposed to fall in love with acts like an absolute douchewaffle?  Why can’t he be perfect from the start?  Is it unrealistic of me to expect perfection?  Sure, but I can dream, can’t I?  I know by the end I will hopefully see past the arrogance, ignorance and conceit but, there’s this little part of me that sighs with disappointment.


I’ll give you another example.  I’m reading an erotic book, and I’ve reached the 50% mark and it’s not erotic yet.  Sure, sure the author wants to give me a storyline.  I get that sometimes the wait can make it more intense and riveting.  I know that a smutty read that is just sex can get a little boring, so a storyline can make it more interesting.  But, sometimes, when you pick up an erotic book, you’re looking for hot and heavy and you’re not generally in the mood to wait.


Maybe, it’s just me and my expectations are too high?


To be honest, I think we all have high expectations but a lot of readers are more patient than I am.  They’re not disappointed with douchewaffle moves because they’re rubbing their hands in glee waiting for the hero to redeem himself.  Maybe other readers like to squirm with impatience?  Maybe, KNOWING that when it gets good, it has the potential to be really GOOD.


By the way, the erotic one ended up being GOOD and HOT!!




I feel a little guilty that anyone googling Great Expectation gets my post and not the Great Expectations they were expecting.  This post is a wee bit removed from Dickens.



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