Random Ramblings: Why I struggle with New Adult Romance

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Random Ramblings


New Adult Romance –

why this genre doesn’t always work for me.


I think I’ve finally cracked the reason why some New Adult Romances don’t work for me.  At first, I thought it was because I didn’t like a reminder of my silly and reckless years.  Then, I thought it was the conscious recklessness.  I knew it probably had to do with getting old and not finding their hi-jinx appealing anymore.  But, I think I have now cracked it.  It’s all of these reasons.


First off, I should make a disclaimer…I’m sure I made dodgy decisions without alcohol but MOST of my reckless decisions were made AFTER a few drinks.


If I was heading out for a night on the town, I had every intention of being a good girl.  A few drinks later, and I’m making bad decisions left, right and centre.  Example – A friend comes up with the brilliant idea of joining a bunch of blokes at a table where they look like they’re having fun.  With wine glasses on, the shouts of “CHUG, CHUG, CHUG” are not a deterrent.  If anything, it’s a beacon.  Back then, my mind would have been thinking…ooh, if they’re drunk, their inhibitions are lowered.  They won’t reject us or ignore us if they’re drunk.  (shudders)  I’m still surprised I survived those years.


^^^^This is the New Adult I get…but hardly want to be reminded of.^^^^


The type of New Adult that I really don’t get and struggle to finish is – Making reckless decisions consciously without being under the influence.


See, I don’t get this.  Honestly, I can say that most of my reckless and silly decisions made were under the influence of alcohol.  I was brought up to believe I was loved, special and precious.  Lessons were taught, about right from wrong and I knew what repercussions meant.  I was exposed, with careful guidance, to the dangers outside my home and taught how to identify them.  If I felt like I was in danger, I knew the steps to take to remove myself from it.


Of course, all of these things are forgotten and put behind a hazy screen when I was intoxicated.


So, if my memory serves me correctly, there is no way in bloody hell that without alcohol I would walk into a strangers house and let him take photos of me.  My red flags would be flying and I would be sending secret coded messages to friends, family or the police to get me the hell out of there.


Another one…I would never go on a date with a random stranger who approaches me on the street.  He could wax poems about my beauty all he wants, but that would just have me questioning his sanity.  I know that dating is hard and finding your “right one” harder, but that doesn’t mean putting yourself at risk, though.


How about this one…Witnessing the man you’re contemplating having a relationship with going off his nutter and becoming violent…in any way or form.  Geez Louise, I’d have escape routes forming in my mind at a cranky face, let alone shouting, swearing and swinging arms.


OK…I really want to know how these supposedly educated people can be so silly?  Yes, they’re young and inexperienced in life but I’m truly gobsmacked to think some of these characters hold degrees and have finished high school.  Unless they’ve been hiding under a shell, how can they not know the dangers of walking alone at night?  Social media keeps us very informed on the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol and we know the fallout from acting inappropriately in public.


These are just a few examples of some of the New Adult books that have had storylines that pushed me too far.


In the end, I just don’t get it.  I know reading can be an escape from the real world but I want to escape to a better place.  I don’t mind angst and I can handle dark (within reason) but I have to have hope that each romance I step into is heading towards a better place.  How can I do that when the heroine consciously (without the influence of alcohol and drugs) puts herself in danger.  More times than not, she’s shaking in her shoes, so she already knows it’s a bad decision…but does it anyway.  How can I trust a hero that consciously puts his love interest in danger…makes her feel unsafe…takes her too far out of her comfort zone?


To be honest…I can’t.


I’m not saying that all New Adult books have these issues, but it does make me hesitate to take a risk with one.


These are just my thoughts and feelings.


My pleasure



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2 responses to “Random Ramblings: Why I struggle with New Adult Romance

  1. I can understand your hesitation here with NA. Sometimes you see reckless behavior especially when you put drinking in the mix. I never struggled with that a few years ago in college, since I don’t drink but I have seen the effects of it on others and its a miracle that worse things don’t happen. hehe But the NA I have read I have enjoyed for the most part. But you never know what will happen with this genre.

    • I agree. I think with my advanced years…42…I’m way past the risk these characters seem to always put themselves in. Obviously the books (well, I hope) make it seem even worse. I would imagine if I was younger I wouldn’t have such an issue. 😀❤

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