Random Ramblings: Sassy’s thoughts on cheating.

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I saw a post today that had me thinking…

Would you forgive your partner if they cheated?


My answer is…it’s not a consideration.


I love my hubby with all my heart.  Seeing him brings a smile to my face…most of the time.  I still get a thrill at his touch and I try to bring him as much happiness as he’s brought me.  I try to give my hubby what he needs when he needs it and he gives me what I need when I need it.  We look at each other.  We see each other.  We have open communication, freely admit our love for each other and take pleasure in each other’s joy.

I make an effort to look good because it makes me happy and I know he appreciates it.  I am by no means a beauty queen but I try to make the best with what I’ve got.  Hubby thinks I’m the most beautiful woman in the world and freely tells me.  I think he’s the sexiest thing around and I still get a thrill when he wraps his arms around me.

We openly appreciate beauty in others but both admit that it makes our skin crawl to think of touching another person.  I have been known to point out an extremely good looking woman or a man.  He will look and either agree or make a funny comment.  We are observers of beauty.  I don’t think it’s ogling, derogatory or insulting, I just appreciate beauty.

If hubby needs “affection” I will give it to him.  BUT…he knows when the time is right and when it’s not.  He doesn’t demand my attention and I try not to demand his attention.

Our kids are a priority in our life…but not our first.  For us, it’s important that our kids know that I love hubby above everyone else in the world.  Because one day I hope they find someone else who is their top priority.  I love my kids…but I love my hubby more.

We are not looking for greener grass.  We sometimes have brown grass but instead of resenting other people for having green grass and doing nothing about it, we plan for green.  First of all, we bring out the best of our brown grass to look the best it can.   We also try to make it as comfortable as we can by adding a little flourish of colour and a few comfy chairs to relax in.  Then we sit back, have a few drinks and plan how we are going to make our brown grass green…together.

We are not perfect.  We make mistakes in life and with each other but we try to learn from our mistakes.  We talk openly when we’ve hurt each other so that we know when a boundary has been pushed.  Sometimes we even stay cranky at each other overnight when the hurt is at its worst but eventually we talk (maybe through gritted teeth) touch (always gently) and apologise.  I’m not apologising because he’s right, I’m apologising because I don’t want to see him upset.  It makes me sad when he’s sad and I’m always sorry for that.

I could be wrong but cheating doesn’t happen to couples who look at each other and see when they’re carrying a burden and want to lighten it.  I don’t think cheating happens to couples who communicate with each other and share their smiles, frustrations, hopes and dreams.  I’m pretty sure cheating doesn’t happen when couples live with each other and share the load.  Life can be tough, relationships can be tough but if you put each other first above work, hobbies and even your mates…cheating won’t be a consideration.


I asked hubby the same question and honest to goodness his answer was…I’ve never considered it.  Good answer hubby…LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤❤


Just my Sassy thoughts…




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