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Random Ramblings



I’ve been thinking about books…

Not really a surprise I’m sure.

I’ve had a few people read my reviews and comment that they like my personal touch.  I love that they love that.  The reason I include things from my personal life is because books affect my life.  So, I can’t help but share how a character’s actions may have triggered a thought.  A situation in a book might have made me question what I would have done.  A game was played, a food eaten or even a movie watched which may have made me curious enough to go looking for myself.



I’ve been thinking about repercussions…

There was a news report recently where a Year 12 student made a speech about how disappointed he was in his principal for cancelling some end of year events.  One of them was where the boys (from an all boys school) stripped at their Graduation Dance/Prom/Formal.  The principal banned it because the females and staff at the event were uncomfortable.  Surprise! Another event cancelled was where the boys would drink milk and lemon mixed together until they threw up.  Joy!!  The principal cancelled because it was the responsibility of the students to clean up the mess afterwards, which they were not doing.  This left staff to clean it up.

Hmmm…seriously?  Excuse me Mr Year 12 student, but I don’t blame the principal.

Now, I’m not bringing this up because I’m picking on the student, what I’m concerned about is the repercussions.  Did this student think to have his parents hear his speech, and if so, did his parents think it was the right thing to do?  His face is now being blasted across social media.  Considering he was making this speech, I’m presuming he’s a fairly smart kid.  What will happen down the track when he applies for his first job and the boss does a google check?  We can only hope that the boss has a little chuckle and puts it down to silly high school antics.  BUT…what if he stops…hesitates…and worries that this boy could be a trouble maker?  What if he hesitates because he’s worried that this guy will make an impassioned speech on social media about his own company?  Maybe, he’ll think nothing more than…what a whiner.

I think…gone are the days where our children can act without repercussions.  It’s not just criminal acts that can change how you are perceived.  One of the first lessons I taught my kids was about repercussions.  I even taught them the word, so they would be familiar with it when they could hardly speak themselves.  Actions, big or small, can have a lasting effect.


I’ve been thinking about fashion…

Three very different outfits.  The first one is because it’s hot today, so shorts and a t-shirts were on my mind.  The second outfit was created after I spotted the grey dress.  I love it because it can be mixed and matched with a lot of different colours.  I’ve mixed it with brown, but it would look equally good with navy blue (of course), black or even fuschia.  The third outfit was again picked because I was thinking mix-n-match.  The navy blue top could easily be matched with different coloured skirts.  I love the green but it would also look great with fuschia, red, orange, purple or even blue and white stripe.








I’ve been thinking about exercise…

I have had an extremely busy week at work.  It was interesting, but surprisingly a little hard on the body.  There was some printing I was helping with and I had to bend down numerous times to pick up bundles.  I know…I know…bend at the knee.  Unfortunately, the realisation came pretty damn quickly that my body didn’t like it…AT ALL!!  It was a wee bit of a wake-up call.  It’s time for Sassy to get stronger and improve her core strength.

NOW THAT I’VE TYPED THIS I HAVE TO DO IT!!  (Geez, I hope hubby doesn’t read this post because he’ll actually hold me to it)

So, starting Sunday, I’m going to do something.  A walk and maybe a few wall sits, a plank or two and some squats.  I don’t want to do too much because I know if I get too sore I’ll bail.  Little steps.


I’ve been thinking about food…


How great does this chicken look?  I’m definitely going to be bringing this recipe to hubby’s attention.  I found it on Pinterest and HAD to share it with you.  To check out other recipes that have caught my eye, go to my Pinterest Board – What I want Hubby to make for me.

Click on the image for the recipe or this link – Alexandra’s Kitchen to check out what’s cooking.




That’s it for now.  I hope you have had a great week and I wish you luck and success for the coming week.




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