Random Ramblings: I think I’ve lost my Sassy Mojo…

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It's the end of the Sassy as we know it


I’ve lost my Sassy Mojo?


I hate to say it but I think I’ve lost my mojo.  I remember a time not too long ago when I was bursting with enthusiasm and drive to be the best Stacey is Sassy in the whole entire world.  This year has been TOUGH and I’m finding it harder and harder to give the same dedication to my book blogging as I once had.  When I started, I was desperate to spread the word about new books that rocked my world.  Sure, I still want to share my love but it’s in a timider and laid-back way.  It’s more of a, *hey you, look at this book* instead of a ***HEY, BOOKLOVERS, CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME, AMAZING AND FANTASMAGORICAL BOOK!!!!****

To me, this is SAD.  I still love sharing my thoughts and feelings about books but all the social media hoopla has turned me off SHARING.  Goodreads, I’m OK with, but even then, I’m not interacting as much as I used to.  Twitter, I find a wee bit safer and not as intimidating, horrible or demanding.  Instagram, unfortunately, I am NOT artistic or photographically talented and I HATE sharing posts with my phone.  But, at least with those two, I’m not getting reminders that I’m a slack arse for not posting.  I don’t have it “in my face” that my reach is poor.  I’m not constantly bombarded with useless ads and American politics on Twitter or Instagram.  Facebook is one of the biggest reasons I’m going to stop blogging.


It all comes down to bad timing…

A couple of years ago I had the time but not the knowledge or confidence.  If only e-readers came into existence 15 years ago when my son was born.  If only book blogging was a thing when I had spare time on my hands.  If only I had been confident enough to share my words.  If only…If only…If only…

When my kids were at school, I could have been reading and reviewing.  Now, between work, my kids’ school and sporting events, and finding quality time with hubby, I’m struggling to read, review, blog and share.

It doesn’t help that book blogging got a wee bit nasty, getting ARCs became competitive and eventually reading became a chore instead of something I adored.


Where to from here…


Well, friends, first off, I’m shutting down my Facebook Page.  I’m not a page with thousands of followers, and to be honest, I never put in enough effort to get a bigger following.  I like the more intimate feel of my Facebook profile.  The interactions feel more genuine to me and I’m not tagging to get more exposure, I’m tagging just to say, hey.  I don’t really feel like this will majorly impact my reading and reviewing.


Eventually, I will shut down my WordPress blog.  Again, I don’t have a big following and I even took off my likes button.  It was fun in the beginning and I liked sharing about the life and times of Stacey is Sassy.  Rambling posts about fashion, food and family were something I had fun doing.  I loved putting together outfits, sharing recipes and chatting (venting) about family dynamics (dramas).  But, I found that I wanted to be doing things instead of writing about them.  It’s time to step away from the laptop and get out in the sunshine.


Reading and reviewing is still one of my LOVES and there’s no way I could stop now.  I will be posting to Goodreads, Amazon, sharing to Twitter and I’m even rebooting my BookBub.


Will I still review?


I’m not sure if authors will still want me to review (with my narrowed down exposure) but I’m happy to keep going.  I don’t accept every review request because I’m not always the right reader for every book.  If you’re an author, and you genuinely want ME to review (I tend to skim over Hey buddy/blogger/reviewer/reader) I will take requests.  I write reviews because I love doing it and it puts a smile on MY face.


It’s not all doom and gloom…


Blogging has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.  My confidence grew with every post I wrote.  I had fun stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new sub-genres.  I loved finding fellow Gandy Candy lovers.  It was awesome to be thanked for a great rec and even better when we chatted for days afterwards about it.  I’ve been to book signings and met fellow readers and authors and it made me feel like I was part of something.  There is nothing like sharing a drink with someone you admire.  I can’t tell you the excitement that fills a room when a bunch of romance readers and authors get together.  The best thing to come out of book blogging…



I loved looking back at some of my old posts.  A few of them made me cringe but most of them put a smile on my face.


Fun Times

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    • We’ll always be friends. I’ve loved rambling along but it became another thing that I couldn’t find the time to do. One day I might do it again… Thank you for being my friend 😘

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