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I’m a happily married Aussie chick with two very active boys aged 12 and 9.Β  I love to read and review romance, put together outfits…especially using my favourite colour blue, drink coffee and stalk David Gandy.

My son is so talented. He created this avatar and made me look so pretty. I love how he sees me :-)
My son is so talented. He created this avatar and made me look so pretty. I love how he sees me πŸ™‚

Primarily I’m a book lover who enjoys writing book reviews.Β  I mainly read romance, but will step away from the genre if the storyline grabs me enough.Β  Romance is my preferred genre because first of all I love LOVE.Β  The second reason why I read romance is because I’m looking for a happily ever after at the end of the story.Β  I don’t want to finish my book devastated, frustrated or angry, I want hearts and flowers and the hope that there is happiness out there for everyone.Β  Unfortunately the romance genre isn’t taken too seriously, which is a shame as it has a lot to give.Β  What other genre can have so many sub-categories like – historical, paranormal, suspense, horror, contemporary, erotic, fantasy, western, time travel and more? Β Each to their own and all that jazz, but I like the variety offered in romance.


Books have an impact on many facets of my life.Β  When an outfit is described, I want to see it.Β  If a certain dish or cookie is mentioned, I want the recipe.Β  A hero is described with dark hair and green eyes…who would I cast?Β  An illness is mentioned, a child discipline problem arises, or even a word I’m unfamiliar with pops up…I NEED to know the answers.Β  This is how and why my Goodreads, Pinterest and Polyvore profiles were created.Β  I realised that a lot of my book buddies would love some of the stuff I find, so Stacey is Sassy was created.Β  Here, I am able to share my love for books and everything connected to my book world.


I’ve also just started something that I like to call Style Setter Tribute where I take an outfit that has been described in a book and try to recreate it on Polyvore. Β Sometimes I take a little artistic licence or give a historical romance a modern take on a colour scheme used. Β Here’s one of my favourites – Style Setter Tribute to Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley


So if you like to talk books, romance, fashion, baking, coffee or David Gandy, you’ve come to the right place!


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Later, my lovelies.

See you around!



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