I read a book today…why don’t they get it?

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I read a book today


I read a book today…why don’t they get it?


I read a book today and thought why don’t they get it, I do?  I’m gobsmacked that I still sit there and question why don’t the characters get it as soon as I do?  You know what I mean, don’t you?  It, being the angsty plot driven “point/situation” that is driving the character to drink, scream and cry tears of drama lama bing bong.


Oh, that’s right, it’s all laid out for me and they practically handed me the answer.  Sure, sure, but aren’t they taking their time?  I got it 20 pages ago.  They’re still nutting the same thing out, over and over and over again.  Come on already.


This question pops into my head more times than not and I always feel like a dingleberry when I think it.  I just expect that the heroine has all the info like I do.  Or, that the hero has mind-reading abilities and can tell what the heroine is stressing about.


I just want all the cards laid out on the table so the couple can get to the working the problem out stage.  Doesn’t matter if it’s page 20 or page 200, I’m impatient.  I like the teamwork, the couple working together, fighting the baddie as a team, or working out the problems of the universe, togetherness.  Don’t make me wait, don’t draw it out, don’t make me suffer.  Yeah, yeah, it keeps me riveted and sucked in…does not mean I have to like it.


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