I read a book today…tiptoe out of there

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I read a book today


I read a book today…tiptoe out of there.


I read a book today…and now I want to tiptoe out of there.  Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with the book it just has to do with my mood.  First, there’s the getting over an EPIC read (looking at you J.M. Darhower), then you have to deal with the *what mood am I in* stage, followed lastly by *what’s on my schedule*.  Now, I don’t necessarily think that the last one only applies to reviewers.


There are a lot of books out there and sometimes you just HAVE to re-read the first 3 (or more) instalments of a series before a release date.  So, you plan for it.  You set a time-frame to start, decide if you want to go the whole hog and read straight through, or take a break between each one.  Or maybe it’s just the previous one.  We all have our ways.  Even the most prolific reader can struggle with doing a re-read of a series, especially if it’s something like J.D. Robb’s In Death or J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood.  That is an awesome commitment to re-read the series each time a new instalment comes out and almost impossible for the J.D. Robb one.


Should I stay or should I go now…


Anyways, I got off topic.  What I meant by tiptoe out of there, is that you can attempt to start something new but it doesn’t always feel right.  Sometimes you persevere and other times you want to quietly put it down and walk away.  In book reading land, that means to move it from your currently reading shelf (Goodreads) to your want to read shelf, or heaven forbids, give it the mark of death and remove it completely (gasp).  Harsh, I know, but sometimes you just know that no mood change is going to make you want to pick it up again.


The reason why I tiptoe is that I know that someone may have noticed I added it.  Could be the author, might be a reader, but someone may have seen me add it.  What if they’re curious about the book?  If they see me remove it, maybe they might think it’s not good.  Could I cost an author a book sale?  Will someone think I’m slack because I didn’t give it a fair go?




Actually, you can look all you like but I’d really prefer it if you didn’t judge me (pretty please with sugar on the top). Yeah, I know, I’m being silly and maybe a tad over-dramatic but I do actually think these things.  Sure, I could not add the book to my currently reading pile until I’m settled, but I CAN’T!  I’m one of those silly buggers who is a creature of habit.  I HAVE to add it to my currently reading list.  I CAN’T not.


So, if you’ve noticed a certain book that is sitting on my currently reading and has been sitting there for a wee while…I’m getting to it soon…ish.

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