I read a book today…one more page

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I read a book today


I read a book today…one more page.


I read a book today…and couldn’t help but read one more page.  This post is late because one page turned into finishing my book.  Reading ‘one more page’ is addictive.  It can’t be a bad addiction because reading is good, reading is fun and life is great when you’re reading.


Have you ever PLANNED to read ‘one more page’ and the next thing you know, you’ve hit the epilogue?


Have you been late getting ready for work because you read a wee bit longer than you planned?


Have you ever contemplated cancelling plans to socialise, because ‘one more page’ is more appealing?


Have you gone to work/spent a day with the kids, feeling like you’ve got a hangover because you stayed up too late reading?


Did the planned walk/run not happen because you accidentally turned ‘one more page’ into a 3-hour reading session?


If you’ve answered YES to any of the above questions, you, like me, may have an addiction to reading ‘one more page’.




I don’t think this addiction is the worst thing in the world.  No children or animals were harmed because of my addiction.  If I can live my life with a smile on my face because of reading ‘one more page’, then I’m doing OK.


To offset my “addiction”, I have put into effect some ways to make sure that I reach my destinations and appointments on time.

  • Set all the clocks at least 5 minutes ahead.
  • Tell hubby that I’m going to read for a little while and ask him to please give me a half hour warning before we need to leave.
  • Wake up early to read as a 1-hour reading session before work makes the day so much better.





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4 responses to “I read a book today…one more page

  1. sarah curtis

    I can say yes to all the above and probably add a few more. Glad to be part of the “club” 😀

    • I think our “club” would have quite a few members tbh. Can you imagine the meetings? They would all start half an hour late and need reading breaks. 😉😂

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