I read a book today…it’s all in the name

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I read a book today


I read a book today…it’s all in the name


I read a book today…and it’s all in the name.  When I picked my sons names, I had no idea that I would come to question my choice.  The romance books I’ve read had an influence on the names I picked for my boys.  Back in the day, I read a lot of Jude Deveraux’s historical romances and contemporaries.  I fell in love with her strong, virile and sexy heroes.  I was seventeen and dreamed of finding my own J.T. Montgomery or Michael Taggert.  Some of the names stuck with me for years and when it came time to have my own kids, I couldn’t get them out of my head.  So, with a little tweaking here and a little tweaking there, I managed to mix the magic of romance with my own family history and named my boys.  Hero for their Christian name and family name for their second.  I wish I could go back in time, smack myself in the head and talk myself out of it.






Most times I can separate fantasy from reality or skim over the hero’s name, but other times it makes me shudder.  What’s even funnier is one of my son’s name is always the good guy hero and the other has equal books where he’s a good guy or the bad guy.  Geez, I hope I haven’t jinxed him because there’s definitely a little ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ in him.


I’ve read two books this week with my son as the hero.  Both great books with fantastic heroes…but geez, I wish the heroine didn’t scream his name so loud.


see no evil

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4 responses to “I read a book today…it’s all in the name

  1. Josephine

    Bwahahaha! Lmao, I will take this sagely advice and choose not to apply this for future reference. sigh* And I so badly wanted to name my son Tate- Tatum Jackson from “Sweet Dream” by Kristen Ashley

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