I read a book today…duty or lust?

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I read a book today


I read a book today…duty or lust?


I read a book today and I realised that a lot of historical romances centre around duty or lust.  Now, a lot of the time, I just take it on board and accept that it’s just the way it is.  Today, however, it really bugged me.  Why can’t the hero lust after the proper lady who ticks all the boxes for what a wife should be?  Why are the proper ladies always insipid, boring, timid and homely?  On the flip side, why is the lady he does lust after, always the wrong choice?


To be honest, I can’t think of too many historical romances where the hero isn’t an ex-rake, mistress loving, douchewaffle who only marries for money.  Most of the heroines, of the proper kind, are about to become unproper (excuse my made up word).  It’s normally because…a family member did something dodgy, she’s compromised or daddy/bro racked up gambling debts.


Why can’t the hero be dashing, upstanding and gentlemanly?  Why can’t the heroine have a loving family, no scandals and not have the problem of too much or too little dowry?


I want the drama outside the couple!!


Anyways, I don’t want to write a book so if an author could do me a favour, I’d like to place a request.  How about this for a storyline…


The Dashing Duke Lusts for the Proper Lady

George Shufflebottom, Duke of Rutland, knows he has a duty to provide an heir.  With a list of names given for him to consider, he takes his sister, Constance, to help him put the name to the face.  He is shocked senseless when Lady Bertha Prettyproper, one of the ladies on his list,  steps into the ballroom.  She’s exactly the type of woman he should marry and as luck would have it, attractive too.  George will do whatever it takes to win her hand.

Lady Bertha Prettyproper, Bertie, to her friends, knows that it’s her duty to marry well.  Her Mama has brought to her attention EVERY eligible man.  Thank the lucky stars, she’s caught the eye of Rutland, the most handsome and honourable man at the ball.  Bertie hopes will all her heart that the attraction is reciprocated.

Nothing could be better than finding your perfect match at the ball.  Their happiness is only marred, when the couple must help solve the mystery of…

(Names and titles are from my own imagination.  If by some freaky chance someone else has created these characters or this storyline, SORRY!!  Maybe you could forward me the info?)


OK, author friends, I will leave the mystery part up to you.  What do you think?  Sounds good?  You don’t have to thank me, I share this out of the goodness of my heart.


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6 responses to “I read a book today…duty or lust?

  1. sarah curtis

    Brynne is always telling me I should write a historical because of my proper prose. Maybe I’ll give this one a try. At least I know one person would read it LOL

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