I read a book today…and settled in

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I read a book today


I read a book today…and settled in.


I read a book today…and settled in for the ride.  How good is that feeling, when you read the first page of a new instalment to a favourite series?  It’s like, a feeling of coming home.  You smile because you’re catching up with old friends.  There’s a good chance you’ll get to hear some gossip.  You try to remember how long since you’ve “seen” each other.  It can even be a little struggle trying to remember where you were all at the last time you “chatted”.


Reading a series, especially a favourite series, is like catching up with friends.  You grab yourself a cuppa, find a comfy chair and settle in for the catch-up.  There are a few authors that I get almost giddy when they announce a new instalment of their series.  Take a bow…Kristen Ashley, Kerrigan Byrne and Jill Shalvis.  There are a heap more authors and series that I could name but these three are my no questions asked…give me…give me…give me, authors.


I love it when a favourite author brings out a new release, especially when it’s a series.  I have been known to have a little “reading party” in honour of a release.  My family even help me celebrate…by leaving me the heck alone…in the nicest possible way.


Do you feel the same?

What’s your favourite series?

Who do you look forward to “catching up” with?


Here are a few of the best series (in my opinion) by my favourite authors.


K A is a LEGEND!!
Kristen Ashley has written more than one of my favourites series.



Kerrigan Byrne
Kerrigan Byrne – Victorian Rebels



Jill Shalvis
Jill Shalvis – Heartbreaker Bay Series
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