I read a book today…and I was distracted

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I read a book today


I read a book today…and I was distracted.


I read a book today and I was distracted.  My book world makes me a little sad sometimes.  You know things are bad when you can’t concentrate on a book that you’re really enjoying.  I was distracted while waiting for notifications to pop up.  Posts on Facebook were distracting me, that attack, condemn and fight over who could stamp their foot the loudest.


I read a book today…and I was distracted from my reading, by a book that I have no desire to read.  Where’s the sense in that?


This is not the first time that I have been turned off by a book.  Before you start getting your pitchforks out, just remember I get turned off by books with cheating in them.  I also find books that have heroes with tentacles unappealing too.  I’m not overly fond of love triangles or high angst reads either.  So, yeah, I’m not interested in reading books with irredeemable heroes or heroines because, deep down, I’m just a girl who likes to smile.  I know what I like and I know what I don’t like, it’s just that simple.


When I’m looking for an epic read, I’m looking for a storyline that leaves me smiling.  I want the hearts and flowers, and try to avoid the books that make me cringe.  I crave my heart to flutter at the first touch, and not be repulsed or questioning is it right or wrong.  Sometimes, I can be tempted to head towards the dark but I don’t want to stay there.  Redeemable characters are something I need, so, I can fall in love with them.


I can only think of one book off the top of my head that I rated high, that had irredeemable characters.  The funny thing is, the reason why I could accept it, they were irredeemable together in a “we were born to be killers” way.


I may not understand why an author writes a certain storyline, or why readers find it interesting or fascinating.  But, over time, I’ve learnt to hold my tongue…somewhat.  I may whinge to book friends or chat to hubby about it, but I TRY to keep my opinions to myself.  Each to their own and all that jazz.

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