I read a book today…after the book buzz

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I read a book today


I read a book today…after the book buzz.


Actually, it should be – I read a book yesterday…and it was EPIC!!  I’ve read some amazing books this year, but this one sucked me in so much that I didn’t move for hours.  I started the journey at 5:30 am and finished it at 9:30 pm.  A whole day reading, only stopping for a little exercise in the afternoon and a roast dinner (hubby cooked) with my boys.  It was cool to spend a whole day reading especially because I don’t get to do it very often.  So, the book was finished the review was written and I attempted to go to sleep.


I tossed and turned…

turned and tossed…


tossed and turned a wee bit more.


The Perils of a Book Buzz – Trying to move on.


I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The highlights were floating around in my head.  Did I do the story justice in my review?  OMG…did I spell the author’s name correctly?  I wonder if the acting world is portrayed realistically?  It felt very realistic.  How on earth did I enjoy a YA/NA?  Why have I not read this author before?  Are all her other stories like this?  HOW COOL…SHE HAS HEAPS OF BOOKS OUT ALREADY!!!


Stop thinking about it!!


Maybe, I should just take a quick peek at my review and make sure I spelt the author’s name right.  That’s a very different surname.  I wonder if it’s her real name?  How is it that I don’t know her real name?  Maybe it’s a secret?


STOP thinking about it!!


Maybe, I should pick my next book.  Maybe I can’t sleep because normally reading a chapter or two relaxes me.  The Book Buzz distracted me.  One chapter won’t hurt…  This book isn’t the same.  I know it’s a good book, it has a book reader in it.  OMG, this book has comic books in it too.  Wonder if it has any superheroes…




So, it’s awesome to find an EPIC read but the book buzz you’re left with is hard to come down from.  I have struggled today.  I’m so bloody tired.  Good news though, taking a break for a couple of hours did me good.  I started back in on my next read and it’s bloody good.


Can you guess what my epic read was?  I’ll give you a hint…it comes out on August 24th.


My review is posted, but you’ve got to find it – Stacey is Sassy’s Goodreads profile



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