Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon – Kerrelyn Sparks

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Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon – Kerrelyn SparksEight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by Kerrelyn Sparks
Published by St. Martin's Paperbacks on March 27th 2018
Genres: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Pages: 435
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

“Deeply satisfying, delightfully swoon-inducing.”—Publishers Weekly on Kerrelyn Sparks’s Love at Stake series


Gwennore is an Elf able to track down the cause of a certain illness and heal it—a valuable asset to her people. But when she is thrust into the realm of the dragons, she discovers a haunted place of power, passion, and magic—one that is plagued by an ancient curse. When she meets the smoldering General Silas Dravenko, Gwen knows she’s entered a whole new world of trouble. She’s been raised never to trust a dragon. So why does making a deal with the devil feel so good?

Silas has no way of saving the royal family he’s served for years. But when a beautiful, innocent elf comes bursting into his world, Silas is awakened to desire in a way he’s never felt before. But how can he trust a sworn enemy. . .and how can he live without her, in Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon by New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks.

The Embraced #3


Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon

(The Embraced #3)

By Kerrelyn Sparks


I preloved this one…

I knew that I was going to love Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon (great name, but so bloody long). I have a sweet spot for dragon shifters. OH NO!! I just gave a spoiler!!! Well, I don’t think it was too spoilerish. After all, I’m pretty sure it would be a physically impossible nightmare for an elf to make love to a dragon (shudders). So, straight up we know that we’re dealing with a fierce, hot and high-flying dragon who turns into a fierce, hot and bossy man…I’m in HEAVEN!! What made it even better was that he was super sweet and funny too. Seriously, Silas is going on my *If this guy was real, I’d want to meet him…* shelf. But, them’s the breaks. I’ll have to leave Silas for Gwennie because that’s the way the bookie crumbles.

I could just end my review here because really, Silas was THE BEST part of this book. Sure, Gwennie was sweet and I loved seeing her gain strength and confidence as the book progressed. But, Silas, he’s just one of those Alpha males that I can’t help falling for. Getting to see into his mind (through his POV) made it even better. I love it when a toughie show his vulnerability when his heart gets mixed up with attraction.

OK, how about I give you just a wee glimpse of what’s going on in this instalment of The Embraced series? For all the fans, the Chameleon is back and causing havoc. Brodie is flying and scratching behind his ear but lets out a wee secret he’s been hiding. The sisters are still as close as ever even though they can’t be with one another all the time. The mission and purpose for each sister become clearer with each instalment. Each woman gets stronger with the love and support of their new families. The stones predictions are spot on and I get excited when we get a glimpse of what’s to come. The Kings are happy, and you can tell that with their Queen, they will rule as a strong and mighty force. We get to meet new and interesting characters who teach us to not judge, listen and learn from those who have been around for awhile.

By the end of the Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon, I was struggling with a dilemma. I can’t pick my favourite in this series. I LOVED How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days, liked (A LOT) So I Married a Sorcerer and LOVED, LOVED Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon. But, is the LOVE, LOVE (doubly loved) because Silas is the new flavour of the month? Or, is it because I’m a sucker for a dragon shifter? Maybe, as the series goes on, I can’t help loving these characters even more.

Well, I can confirm that I’m a fan of The Embraced and I can’t wait for more. If you haven’t started this series yet, I highly recommend going for it.


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