A Gentleman Never Surrenders by Lauren Smith

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A Gentleman Never Surrenders by Lauren SmithA Gentleman Never Surrenders by Lauren Smith
Published by Forever Yours on September 12, 2017
Genres: Historical Romance
Pages: 147
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

Love is worth a little scandal.

Owen Hadley needs a wife. Preferably a wealthy one. Alas, there aren't a great number of heiresses willing to marry a rogue of no particular fortune---luckily, if there is ever a gentleman capable of melting a lady's chilly heart, it's Owen.

Milly has had enough of the marriage mart. If matrimony means giving up her freedom for a foppish husband, then society can take their idea of marital bliss and toss it. But when the ton's most notorious rogue mistakenly makes his way into her bedchambers, Milly finds herself unexpectedly and unwillingly at the altar . . .

Yet the more time she spends with her new husband, the more Milly starts to wonder if the marriage she never wanted may be the best thing that's ever happened to her. Now it's up to Owen to convince Milly that what started as a mistake is anything but---and that every night with him will be more wonderfully scandalous than the last.

Sins and Scandals


A Gentleman Never Surrenders

(Sins and Scandals #2)

By Lauren Smith


Pleasantly surprised

I know it’s a bit mean to say that you’re pleasantly surprised when you enjoy a book, but it’s true. I didn’t particularly enjoy the first book. There was also the wee problem that I had “met” the hero and heroine for A Gentleman Never Surrenders, and found them rather lacking. I received both books via NetGalley and after reading the first book was a little wary of how I would go with the second. I side-eyed A Gentleman Never Surrenders each time I passed it on my Kindle carousel. Then today, I accidentally clicked it…and was sucked right in.

There aren’t too many books where the hero, in need of a wife, goes the dastardly route to claim one. In this case, our hero, Mr Owen Hadley, had attempted the wooing and courting to find and win a wife, with little success. His estates are in ruins (not his fault) and he can’t think of another way to make things right. We initially met Owen as he attempted to compromise the heroine in the first book without success. Now, he’s making a second attempt with another lady but even that one ends in a bit of a mess. He’s compromised a shrew!!!

Milly wants every money-grubbing, wife hunting man to think she’s awful. She works hard at making men look past her beauty to her horrible nature. Highly unfashionable, but Milly wants to be looked at as more than a beauty. She wants to have intelligent conversations about something other than the weather or fashion. Milly doesn’t want to be caught, bedded and put to the side, she wants love, partnership and commitment. Unfortunately, she’s trapped…by mistake.

Oh well, let’s make the best of things.

I really enjoyed seeing Owen and Milly come to terms with their situation. Owen knows he didn’t do right by Milly, but he’s determined to show her that deep down he’s a good man. Milly just wants to be more than the purse she brings and will work hard to prove her worth.

I feel bad that I started this story a little hesitant and convinced I wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s not an overly long story but manages to pack enough in that you believe that their feelings and connection are real. There are times when the characters struggled with their feelings and how to communicate their needs and wants. This, to me, is very realistic. It takes time and hard work to make a relationship work. Once they felt comfortable confiding in each other, it all just seemed a little easier.

I’m glad I gave A Gentleman Never Surrenders a go and I definitely want to go on in the series. Milly’s sister Rowena is up next…with a Scottish lord she would love to see in a kilt. 😉


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