Audio Review: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

  The Wall of Winnipeg and Me By Mariana Zapata   I couldn’t help myself… I buy audio books for my in-between reads and enjoy listening to them when I’m catching the train to work, baking or exercising (which I should do more of). Well, there was a slight problem with The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, it was too… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Broken Prince ♥ by Erin Watt

Broken Prince

    Broken Prince (The Royals #2) By Erin Watt   The Royal’s are stronger together…but will the latest shock crumble their palace? ***Probably best to hold off reading this review if you haven’t read Paper Princess as there may be minor spoilers. I’ve (hopefully) perfected the art of extreme vagueness, so it shouldn’t be spoilerish*** Oh my lordy…my heart… Read more »

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Review: ♥ A Duke to Remember ♥ by Kelly Bowen

A Duke to Remember

  A Duke to Remember (Season of Scandal #2) By Kelly Bowen   It was a controlled leap into love. It’s not often when I’m reading (and enjoying) a story that the heroine is the highlight instead of the hero. In A Duke to Remember, Elise is by far the star of the show. Mind you, Noah ain’t no slouch… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Bossman ♥ by Vi Keeland


  Bossman By Vi Keeland   I finished with a goofy smile on my face. Well, I have to say romance writers have really stepped up to the plate with book covers lately. I mean look at the cover forBossman…HUBBA HUBBA!! It’s definitely one of those covers that you have to study really, really close up to appreciate all the… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Aced ♥ by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine


  Aced (PresLocke #1) By Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine   Maybe I’m not the best judge… Confession time AGAIN!! I signed up for the ARC of Acedbefore I even found out what it was about. Yep, I saw that cover and went…ooh baby…come to Mama (OMG, I’m so embarrassed that I just admitted that). Now, the problem with this… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Rock Wedding ♥ by Nalini Singh

Rock Wedding

  Rock Wedding (Rock Kiss #4) By Nalini Singh It would be easier to blame Abe for it all. I’m not sure what’s changed with me lately. Beforehand I needed my hero to be Mary Poppins in hero form –Practically Perfect In Every Way. But who are we kidding here? Blokes are not perfect. Then again, chicks aren’t perfect either…. Read more »

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Review: ♥ Anything but Minor ♥ by Kate Stewart

Anything But Minor

  Anything but Minor By Kate Stewart   Do you trust me? Well…do you trust me? I’m sure you’re all saying…sure Sassy, in a very superficial (here she goes again with her dribble about who know what) way. Do you think we hear “Do you trust me?” – or- “Don’t you trust me?” too much? Are we handing over our… Read more »

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Blog Tour: Stealing Home by Nicole Williams

Stealing Home

  Stealing Home By Nicole Williams   Luke is even better than he looks. I know you’ve seen the cover for Stealing Home but maybe you should study it again… Look at those muscles. I mean he’s like a work of art. Guess what? Luke Archer is almost perfect on the inside too. I can confirm that Nicole Williams knows… Read more »

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Baking Stuff: Bikkies/Cookies/Biscuits/Bickies.

Sml Choc chip cookie pic

  Is it a Bikkie, Cookie, Biscuit or Bickie?   Yesterday I finished a really great book Freight Trained by Sarah Curtis.  Freight Trained has a bit in it where the heroine Abby makes chocolate chip cookies.  So, I started thinking about chocolate chip cookies…or bikkies/biscuits/bickies (depends on your preferred spelling) as most Aussies will call them.  I am definitely a… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Freight Trained ♥ by Sarah Curtis

Freight Trained

  Freight Trained By Sarah Curtis   The heart knows what the heart wants…cookies. Biscuits/cookies are my weakness.  I have a very bad habit that I’ve tried to break numerous times…dunking biscuits in my coffee.  There’s a particular one that works best, Nice biscuits by Arnotts.  They’re a plain biscuit with a sprinkling of sugar on the top.  The coffee… Read more »

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