Review: ♥ Rookie Move ♥ by Sarina Bowen

Rookie Move

  Rookie Move (Brooklyn Bruisers #1) By Sarina Bowen   The Rookie has my favourite type of moves. Do you remember your first love? I remember in Grade 1 a boy was sitting next to me on the floor while the teacher read us a story. This little boy bent forward, kissed my knee, looked up at me and told… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Prisoned ♥ by Marni Mann


  Prisoned By Marni Mann   You can leave The Heart behind…but the memories stay. I’m the kind of reader that takes things to heart. Do you know what I was thinking when I finished Prisoned? If only their mother’s had done right by them. This story had children who were hustling on the street to scrounge enough money to… Read more »

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Audio Review: ♥ Wild Man ♥ by Kristen Ashley

Wild Man

  Wild Man (Dream Man #2) Written By Kristen Ashley Narrated By Kate Russell   An Audio Review My audio books aren’t lasting as long as they should be. Iwas buying them to keep me amused on the way to and from work and when I bake or exercise. It seems that I’m struggling to just keep it to those… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Midnight Soul ♥ by Kristen Ashley

Midnight Soul 2

  Midnight Soul (Fantasyland #5) By Kristen Ashley   I’m sad to be experiencing Fantasyland for the last time. Well, this is the end. I’m sure I’ll be going back to visit every now and again but this will be the last time that Fantasyland will be new and exciting for me. There’s a tear in my eye, but joy in… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Neighbor Dearest ♥ by Penelope Ward

Neighbor Dearest

  Neighbor Dearest By Penelope Ward   Love…thy neighbor. First off…it’s bloody hard (for an Aussie) typing neighbour without the u so don’t be surprised if a few neighbour’s pop up here or there. So what did I think about Neighbor Dearest? I actually really enjoyed it. There are lots of things buzzing around in my brain after finishing and… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Wrangler ♥ by Dani Wyatt


  Wrangler By Dani Wyatt   Welcome to the Extreme Smut Olympics Look, I’m all for a hero that’s possessive, crazy in love and devoted but this guy is EXTREME. If there was an Extreme Smut Olympics, Chad Butler would be a gold medal contender. What makes this Smutlete (athlete) unique is that he’s been out of the competition for… Read more »

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Audio Review: ♥ Reaper ♥ by A. Zavarelli


  Reaper (Boston Underworld #2) Written By A. Zavarelli Narrated By Tracy Marks   An Audio Review. Wow!! Well, that was an interesting experience. The Irish Mob sure do look a wee bit different to the Irish mob of blokesI’ve met up till now. My encounters with anyone from Ireland so far includes the “to be sure, to be sure”… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Waiting for You ♥ by Melissa Kate

Waiting for you

  Waiting for You By Melissa Kate   I really enjoyed Waiting for You. I’m not sure the author enjoyed waiting for me…to read and review Waiting for You. See, I was a bit of a slack arse and only realised on the weekend that I hadn’t read this one yet. I received the email on June 7th…I know SHOCKER!!… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Bittersweet ♥ by Sarina Bowen


  Bittersweet (True North #1) By Sarina Bowen   The bitter…and the sweet side of family commitments. It’s amazing what you’ll do for your family. it could be a – suck it up buttercup – to attend the family get-together where Aunty Freida pinches your cheek or Uncle Mo gives sloppy kisses. Or maybe you are the odd-one-out because you’re… Read more »

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Cover Reveal: ♥ The Goal ♥ by Elle Kennedy

TheGoal iBooks

  The Goal (Off-Campus #4) By Elle Kennedy     She’s good at achieving her goals… College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out: graduate from college, kick butt in law school, and land a high-paying job at a cutthroat firm. Her path to escaping her shameful past certainly doesn’t include a gorgeous hockey player who believes in… Read more »

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