Review: ♥ Beard Science ♥ by Penny Reid


  Beard Science (Winston Brothers #3) By Penny Reid   Not realising you needed a tribe until you have one. I went out for drinks last night with friends. We talked about life, food and surprisingly enough…beards. See, one of the ladies has a son who had just returned from a trip with a full beard. Quite frankly, she was… Read more »

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Review: ♥ PUNK 57 ♥ by Penelope Douglas

Punk 57

  PUNK 57 By Penelope Douglas   A story without fault…just not right for me. ***3.5 Stars*** I hated high school. I know a lot of people say that but I REALLY MEAN IT!! My fondest memory from high school was walking out and knowing I NEVER had to come back. I remember one good teacher. Mrs Mac treated us… Read more »

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Random Ramblings: I’ve been thinking…

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Random Ramblings

  I’ve been thinking about books… Not really a surprise I’m sure. I’ve had a few people read my reviews and comment that they like my personal touch.  I love that they love that.  The reason I include things from my personal life is because books affect my life.  So, I can’t help but share how a character’s actions may… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Steadfast ♥ by Sarina Bowen

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Steadfast Review

  Steadfast (True North #2) By Sarina Bowen   What does an evil person and a good person look like? I thought I was an open-minded person until I readSteadfast. Unfortunately, before I’d even started reading, I’d become judge and juror and slapped a “he’s no good” sticker on Jude’s forehead. Look, I know from reading Bittersweetthat he wasn’t all… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Twisted Palace ♥ by Erin Watt

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  Twisted Palace (The Royals #3) By Erin Watt   The life and times of the rich and the famous. Well, this series has shaken up some of my childhood dreams and wishes. Look, I will try not to blame Erin Watt (or the dastardly duo behind Erin Watt) too much, but someone has to take responsibility for blasting my… Read more »

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Sassy’s blitzing – ♥ The Sexy One ♥ by Lauren Blakely

The Sexy One Review

  The SEXY One By Lauren Blakely   Falling in love with The Sexy One What if I told you I found a hero that’s the whole package. Good looks and muscles (please note the book cover…or, like in my case, note again and again and again), smart and ambitious, sweet, thoughtful, an awesome Dad to his daughter…AND learns from… Read more »

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Random Ramblings…Life goes on and I’m smiling.


  Life goes on… So, I shared my post last week about how reading and reviewing had left me stressed, sad and unsatisfied.  It’s amazing what a difference a week can make.  Thank you to all the lovely readers, bloggers and authors who took the time to chat and check in with me to see if I was OK.  Honestly,… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Pursuing Lord Pascal ♥ by Anna Campbell

Pursuing Lord Pascal cover

  Pursuing Lord Pascal (Dashing Widows #4) By Anna Campbell   Your mirror doesn’t always show you what people see. I read Pursuing Lord Pascal in one day. Each instalment of this series has been something I look forward to. Anna Campbell provides us with a short, sweet and steamy historical romance that packs a punch. We start Pursuing Lord… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Sugar Free ♥ by Sawyer Bennett


  Sugar Free (Sugar Bowl #3) By Sawyer Bennett   All good things must come to an end This review is going to be short and sweet because I need to recover from my sugar addiction…and I don’t want to give anything away. I was tempted from almost the beginning to do status updates for this book but I was… Read more »

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Review: ♥ Big Meat ♥ by Paige Conners

Big Meat Review

  Big Meat (A Recipe of Love #2) By Paige Conners   This butcher is very busy with custom orders for his BIG meat 😉 I’m becoming quite a fan of Paige Conners style of writing.Big Meat was witty, sexy and very thought provoking. A couple of things made me stop in my tracks with a genuine need for reflection…. Read more »

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